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  • Featured Columnist | September 05, 2017
    Tom Beauchamp , Halo Loyalty
    As competition for customer share of wallet continues to increase, having an accurate and complete view of customer information is critical to effective implementation of customer loyalty programs.  Retailers with multiple channels are often at a disadvantage to their online competitors due... Read More
  • State of the Industry | September 01, 2017
    Jennifer Bedford , Epsilon
    The summer season might be wrapping up, but the effects of the season will last a lifetime for many travel enthusiasts.  Summer is a time when many families take vacation, and for travel warriors, this means vacationing using hard-earned rewards from business travel.  Other vacationers... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | September 01, 2017
    Pitney Bowes Team , Pitney Bowes
    Increased understanding of customer policies, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting retention, through interactive, personalized video – online and in real timeProviding more personalized service in a digital world  Facing the constant challenges of customer retention and... Read More
  • Featured Columnist | September 01, 2017
    Shelly M. Chandler , Confirmit
    “The customer is always right” may have been superseded as a mantra for many companies, but virtually every business has a 21st century equivalent in its mission statement somewhere. “We put the customer at the heart of our business,” “Customers First,” &ldquo... Read More
  • State of the Industry | September 01, 2017
    Sam Darwish , Skinny IT
    Eighty-one percent of consumers admit it is frustrating to deal with a company that does not make it easy to do business with them. In other words, when building and maintaining customer loyalty, make things as easy as possible for consumers to engage with your brand and business. In a digitally... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | September 01, 2017
    Mark Smith , Kitewheel
    Competition is heating up among consumer-facing companies, and loyalty tactics are increasing across the board. In fact, a recent report from Kitewheel found that 82.5 percent of all interactions on our platform were loyalty-based in 2016. There’s one technology offering that has emerged to... Read More
  • Best Business Practices | September 01, 2017
    Chris Wissing , Epsilon
    As marketers, we understand how important the key elements of loyalty programs like personalization and real time are to delivering the best possible customer experience. Creating an environment that allows you to deliver on these preferred experiences is essential. The Cloud has become a... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | September 01, 2017
    Emnos Team , emnos
      Today’s consumers are savvy and very clued-in. They are looking for good service, relevance, and a quality product- ultimately leading to an exceptional retail experience – without these, they will move on and shop elsewhere. In the current retail environment, these are... Read More
  • Executive Insights | September 01, 2017
    Mindy Shouse , Excentus
    Nearly every marketer and loyalty program manager today can recite industry mantras about the value of omnichannel interactions and the importance of rich, relationship-building customer experiences. But in the 20 years of designing, building, and supporting loyalty programs–and operating... Read More
  • State of the Industry | September 01, 2017
    Jim Tierney , Loyalty360
    There are many challenges swirling around a company’s bid to create measurable experiences to drive customer loyalty. Loyalty360 talked to Bruce Pollock, Vice President of Strategic Growth and Planning at West, to find out more about his company’s views on the customer experience... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | September 01, 2017
    Officials at La Quinta Inns & Suites have always been vigilant about providing as good and robust a loyalty program as possible, along with constantly listening to what their customers tell them. Since the relaunch of the La Quinta Returns loyalty program at the beginning of the year, the... Read More
  • Best Business Practices | September 01, 2017
    Eric Hansen , SiteSpect
    For businesses, the biggest digital hurdle in 2017 is closing the customer experience (CX) gap. Recent Capgemini data reveals that 75 percent of businesses believe they are customer-centric–but with only 30 percent of consumers agreeing with this statement, there is a clear disconnect... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | September 01, 2017
    Wine.com CMO Peter Elarde wants to engage his loyal customer base in the best and most effective ways possible. Customer engagement with millennials is one of the key trends Elarde sees. “Two big trends for us are the shift to mobile and the growing influence of millennials,” he... Read More
  • Featured Columnist | September 01, 2017
    Summer Felix-Mulder , The Draw Shop
    (The following story is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent ... and prevent the guilty from suing.)Meet Mark, the friendly customer service representative at a car dealership that shall remain nameless. Needless to say, it’s one of the top five “luxury&rdquo... Read More
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