Raley’s Raises $2.1 Million for Regional Food Banks

Raley’s, the grocery chain with more than 100 locations in California and Nevada, recently announced that Raley’s Food For Families Annual Holiday Drive raised $2.1 million during this holiday season.


The donations – which marked the most in the company’s 33 years running the drive – came from customers, vendors and team members. Twelve regional food banks in northern California and western Nevada will see the benefits.


“Corporate social responsibility is something that is more poignant in the quotidian operations for marketers. Customers want to feel the brands they are dealing with have the best interest of their audience in mind, and an effective CSR process is impactful in creating unique experiences,” said Mark Johnson, CEO and CMO of Loyalty360. “The challenge is to make sure that the offering is relevant and genuine. We all too often hear of marketers who create programs or processes because it is a need, without understanding the value.”


Raley’s broadened donation possibilities for its customers in 2019, allowing them to donate on check stand pin pads at 128 locations. This helped increase holiday donations by more than 30 percent.


“Although we all have unique and very personal reasons for where and why we give, clearly, our customers care deeply about alleviating hunger and helping their neighbors.  We are so fortunate to share this ability to make a difference with such generous donors that shop at our stores,” Becca Whitman, Executive Director of Raley’s Food For Families, said in a release.


Raley’s Food For Families has raised more than $42 million and 40 million pounds of food over the past 33 years. Raley’s also covers all the administrative costs for the organization, allowing all donations to go directly to the food bank partners.


Loyalty360 has seen other grocers putting forth CSR efforts, including this initiative by Kroger.



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