Sally Beauty Enhances Payment, Loyalty Offerings
The retailer “has signed a multi-year agreement with Alliance Data’s card services business to launch a new private label credit card program for both Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group. In addition to providing additional payment flexibility, the program will offer members of the existing Sally Beauty rewards loyalty program opportunities to earn rewards for purchases.”
Pizza Hut and Kellogg Partner to Create Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza
The two brands have collaborated on a cheese and pepperoni-stuffed pizza that resembles a Cheez-It. “Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut’s chief brand officer and a self-described Cheez-It fanatic, sees the item as either an add-on for larger dinner orders or an easy item to grab and go. Restaurants have been looking to snacks to boost sales.”
Considering Sign In With Apple
Consumers will soon have a way to login to apps with reduced friction while maintaining greater privacy. “In an attempt to unseat its ad-powered competitors, Apple is offering a privacy-focused app sign-in service with the arrival on Thursday of iOS 13.” Interestingly, “Apple has engineered its button so you share less with app makers. You can even create a disposable email address.”
H&M to Trial Selling External Brands
The retailer will no longer exclusively sell its own products. A spokesperson says, “We can confirm that we will start offering selected external brands and products at H&M. We will be adding a curated selection of external brands that complement the H&M customer offer. This is a test that will run online and in selected stores in selected markets.”
Corporate Social Responsibility
Nestlé Plans for a New World of Sustainable Packaging
Under pressure from Greenpeace, Nestlé plans to reduce its plastic use. “The company was reportedly dissatisfied with the packaging solutions its suppliers were providing and decided to take matters into its own hands. Yesterday Nestlé opened the doors to the Institute of Packaging Sciences, its very own research institute in Lausanne, Switzerland, to develop more environmentally friendly packaging for its products in a bid to reduce the plastic waste it produces.”

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