Cricket Wireless Lets Customers Rack Up Rewards by Viewing Ads
The AT&T-owned cellular provider has launched “a mobile app that lets customers earn rewards for watching ads on their smartphones. The Ad It Up app shows targeted ads and offers, giving customers a chance to earn points that are redeemable for Cricket bill credits and digital gift cards, according to an announcement.”
The Lock&Stock App Rewards Students for Putting Their Phones Away During Class
A new app rewards students for curbing digital addiction. “Why would students use it? It’s simple—every point that they get can be used for offers and discounts from over 350 brand partners on the app, which in the UAE includes the likes of VOX Cinemas, Baskin Robins, Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nando’s, Splash, Forever 21, and Aquaventure.”
Rite Aid Partners with InTouch Health for Virtual Healthcare Kiosks
The brand and telehealth company have partnered to launch RediClinic Express. This new service “delivers an assessment with integrated medical devices and point-of-care testing. Medical visits in a RediClinic Express, with the help of trained medical assistants, utilize the same diagnostic equipment used during face-to-face examinations, such as an otoscope, dermascope and stethoscope. The technology provides an interactive patient experience where patients are able to see exactly what the clinician is viewing, utilizing diagnostic equipment and point-of-care testing.”
Customer Experience
The Impossible Whopper Is Coming to Every Burger King in America
On August 8, every Burger King location will offer the Impossible Whopper. “The burger chain has been selling the Impossible Whopper, featuring a meatless patty made by Impossible Foods, in a few markets in the United States since April. It first tested the product in St. Louis before announcing in May that it would offer the Impossible Whopper nationally this year.”
Social Responsibility
Amazon Will Fine Sellers Who Ship Products in Oversized Packaging
In an effort to reduce waste, Amazon has announced that it will start fining sellers who use oversized packaging. As Georgina Torbet of Engadget explained, “If you’ve ever received a gargantuan cardboard box with one tiny USB stick inside, you’ll know that packaging can be very wasteful. In response to this issue, Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Program aimed to give customers ‘minimal, protective, and functional packaging’ to keep items safe without adding unnecessary waste packaging.”

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