Marriott to Introduce Dynamic Pricing for Bonvoy Award Bookings
Taking a cue from the airline industry, the hospitality brand has opted to use dynamic pricing in its loyalty program. “Starting in September, the program will move to a dynamic model that prices awards across three tiers as a function of demand. In the peak season or when a hotel is otherwise busy, members will pay 14–33 percent more for an award night. On the other hand, off-peak discounts in the equivalent amount will be applied when hotel traffic is light.”
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YouTube Debuts First Shoppable AR Ad
The streaming site has revealed its first shoppable augmented reality ad, which will showcase MAC’s products. “We’re so excited to see MAC’s artistry and innovation come to life in this uniquely digital way,” says Constantin Sklavenitis, Senior Vice President and General Manager for MAC North America. “Being able to bring our newest lip shades to consumers through FameBit’s AR Beauty Try-On is a pioneering step, fusing the experience of content viewing and shopping.”
There’s a Subscription Service for School Lunches
Subscription meal services have been around for years, but we are seeing the rise of programs aimed at saving time for busy parents. “Companies like Yumble and Nurture Life differentiate themselves from the subscription meal kit industry by offering foods specifically for children, rather than young adults hoping to avoid grocery store lines or simplify meal prep.”
Addressable TV Halves Channel Switching and Improves Ad Recall, Claims Sky
New data suggests that addressable TV reaches viewers more effectively than traditional TV commercials. “The media owner has released the findings of a five-year study—which harnessed facial coding, emotional analytics, and interviews with 300,000 UK subscribers across 130 campaigns—to assess the impact of programmatic TV campaigns delivered via its AdSmart Service.”
Domino’s to Start Delivering Pizzas by Electric Bicycle after Successful Pilot
The pizza brand is changing the way its product is delivered, and the future is electric and two-wheeled. “Domino’s ran a broad pilot program to test delivery e-bikes in a variety of diverse markets ranging from Texas to New York to Florida. Throughout the pilot, they found that using delivery e-bikes resulted in faster deliveries and higher customer satisfaction—not to mention the fuel savings, of course.”

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