Loyalty Reads: McDonald’s Embraces Geofencing, E.L.F. Partners with American Eagle, and More

McDonald’s Embraces Geofencing 

McDonald’s added geofencing technology to its mobile app, allowing employees to prepare curbside and dine-in mobile orders when customers are close to the restaurant. The feature is designed to increase the speed of service for mobile orders. 

McDonald’s Mobile Order and Pay digital channel is one of the brand’s key growth drivers. McDonald’s hopes the new feature will continue to build growth in the digital sector. 


E.L.F. Partners with American Eagle 

e.l.f. will launch a new line of makeup and skincare in a partnership with American Eagle. Inspired by American Eagle jeans, the collection is designed to reach GenZ audiences. 

The two brands are the favorites among GenZ in their respective categories. To promote the collection, the brands will launch a TikTok filter and host its “Selfie to Belfie” sweepstakes to win $10,000 and other prizes. 


Dave & Buster’s Uses Data to Improve Customer Experience 

Dave & Buster’s is using customer data to personalize the in-restaurant experience. Leveraging data from its loyalty program, the brand is working to deliver eCommerce-like personalization to in-person service. 

Through using customer data, the brand can stay more engaged with guests throughout their journeys. As a result, Dave & Buster’s can tailor the in-person experience for each guest, making every engagement feel unique. 


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