To help organizations keep up with the evolving expectations of the global talent economy, Oracle has announced new innovations to Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud. These innovations help organizations create personalized and on-the-go experiences for every user, from candidates and recruiters to HR professionals, managers, and employees.

“By 2021, only half of organizations will have embraced digital technology to transform their business to be more intelligent and automated, and this is something we’re seeing prominently in HR,” says Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research. “Oracle is helping HR professionals stay ahead of this curve. Its investments in innovations, such as mobile-responsive design and digital assistants, are unique in the industry and will help its customers stay at the forefront of the market and achieve long-term success.”

Employers are now facing higher candidate and employee expectations than ever before. Today’s workers are looking for instant access, highly personalized content, and easy-to-use systems whenever and wherever they are. These demands are forcing HR professionals to rethink the way they approach the entire workplace experience. To address this challenge head on, the latest updates to Oracle HCM Cloud provide the tools organizations need to reimagine how HR services simplify complex processing and build a team of the best talent.

Employee and Manager Experience: New chatbot and self-service capabilities deliver mobile access to frequently requested information to save time, enhance accessibility, and improve the employee experience.

· Digital Assistants: Employees and managers now have access to a wide range of digital assistant self-service use cases accessible though SMS, voice, and chatbots via desktop or mobile devices. Users can get answers to common HR questions asked in thousands of different ways, including time-off availability, benefits coverage, pay slip details, onboarding tasks, and performance evaluations.

· HR Help Desk: With expanded access for every employee, the Help Desk knowledgebase offers every user smart, self-service offerings that provide quick and easy access to helpful articles and resources.

Recruiting Experience: New features enable candidate-centric recruiting, which is a completely different approach to traditional recruiting. It reimagines the candidate experience to help attract, engage, and hire the best talent.

· Tailored Career Sites: Organizations can now create multiple career sites to better target specific candidate pools, such as unique sites to identify college graduates vs. more 
experienced professionals or dedicated career sites for various business units within larger organizations.
· Candidate Self-Service: Job candidates now have a variety of self-service access to proactively obtain information, such as their application status, through an embedded chatbot.

· Streamlined Scheduling: A broad range of interview scheduling capabilities streamline the interview process and enable recruiters to spend less time on tactical scheduling and more time finding the best candidates.

HR Experience: New workforce planning and design capabilities help HR professionals make data-driven decisions and easily deliver a personalized employee experience.

· Workforce Planning: New features enable supply and demand planning insights to be filtered by key categories, including person, job, and skills, to help HR professionals craft their optimal workforce.

· HCM Design Studio: The latest updates to the HCM Design Studio make it easier for HR professionals to configure the user experience with the addition of advanced, no-coding-required, configuration capabilities. These capabilities enable HR teams to create unique experiences based on users’ business unit, legal employer, or role. Additionally, new autocomplete rules can reduce the administrative burden of fixing incorrect data.

“Oracle’s commitment to continued innovation allows organizations to make work more human for the entire employee ecosystem,” says Chris Leone, Senior Vice President of Development at Oracle HCM Cloud. “With the Oracle digital assistant, our customers can create a competitive advantage by delivering a seamless, conversational user experience that we know employees want.”

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