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Five Apps You’ve Never Heard of that Teens Are Using to Shop
Jasmine Wu has compiled a shortlist of apps young consumers frequently use for shopping that many of us may be unaware of. For instance, there’s GOAT, which “was the eighth most popular shopping app by Gen Z iPhone users, according to App Annie. Through the app, users can buy new or used sneakers from popular companies like Nike and Adidas. Avid sneaker purchasers and sellers prefer apps like GOAT because of their authentication services, which is much-needed in an industry where knock-offs run high.”
Kodak Moments Launches Photo Printing Experience to Drive Retail Traffic
The photo booth returns, but this time it’s tech-forward. “The latest solution is designed to deliver a high-quality printing experience without a big investment in capital or floor space. Powered by the intuitive Kodak Moments Retail Software, customers can transfer photos from their smartphones and create photo prints, cards and collages in minutes. The M1 Order Station is available as a countertop unit or as a free-standing unit suitable for customer service centers or high-traffic areas.”
Has Amazon Hit A Wall?
At Forbes, Steve Dennis points to some unfavorable realities for the e-commerce giant. “Amazon Web Services (historically the cash cow that fuels the rest of the company) saw both a marked deceleration in revenue growth and a significant drop in margins. While most companies would kill for what counts as ‘bad’ growth rates at Amazon—and one quarter clearly does not amount to a trend—I always pay attention when growth trends slow and margins start to compress.”
DataSparQ to Launch Facial Recognition for Pubs
The London-based AI firm plans to launch “a software package that uses facial recognition technology to ensure that pub patrons get served in the order they approach the bar.”
Cathay Pacific Reveals It’s Monitoring Passengers with Onboard Cameras
The Hong Kong carrier admits to monitoring passengers, saying the cameras are for security purposes. “The announcement comes months after it was revealed that multiple airlines have cameras installed in their IFE systems. American Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates said at the time that they had no plans to activate their cameras.” Some are concerned, however, given Cathay’s Pacific’s 2018 data breach.

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