BP Loyalty BP wants to offer its customers the as much value as possible from its Driver Rewards loyalty program.

BP has unveiled a number of improvements to its Driver Rewards loyalty program and credit-card processing technology designed to help BP-branded marketers meet consumers’ evolving payment and card security needs at the pump.

“We believe we need to continually evolve our loyalty program to meet the needs of our customers and existing card members,” Helen Fitzpatrick, marketing director of product and offer development at BP, told Loyalty360. “The goals of this enhancement were to provide customers with a simpler, richer value proposition that is more on their terms – allowing consumers more flexibility in how they access rewards with BP.”

The company briefed BP-branded marketers on the site technology platform and improvements to the BP Driver Rewards program prior to the Petroleum & Convenience Store Exposition of Mid-America in Kansas City, Mo.

BP’s new site technology platform will continue to help branded marketers run their business securely and efficiently. The platform aims to save time and money through greater connectivity options, improved reliability and easier maintenance that shortens downtime at the site.

Fitzpatrick said customer feedback played a role in the loyalty program enhancements.

“We regularly solicit customer insights and feedback on our programs,” she explained. “The enhancements to our loyalty program are a direct result of listening to the customer as well as collaborating with BP-branded marketers to enhance our Driver Rewards program.”

The platform is designed to provide BP-branded marketers with the ability to process new payment options such as Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) chip card acceptance. In the future, the platform will allow BP-branded marketers to accept mobile payment options and more effectively implement loyalty programs.

The site technology platform enhances four components of BP’s existing technology infrastructure: Electronic Payment Server (EPS), forecourt controller (FCC), point-of-sale system (POS), PIN pads and network. BP-branded marketers will have flexibility in their POS, network and vendor choices.

BP-branded marketers can request these upgrades, which include incentives meant to reduce the overall cost of implementation for qualifying BP-branded marketers, starting April 15.

The company also announced enhancements to its free Driver Rewards program that are set to launch May 18.

Fitzpatrick explained that, at BP, loyalty is more than just rewarding customers.

“It is also about engaging with customers in a direct and meaningful way, with relevant content that is fresh and authentic,” she said. “That is why a core BP Loyalty part of our Driver Rewards program resides in direct customer engagement with members. There is no doubt that this has evolved across all industries over the last several years and BP is very excited to be part of that shift in direct marketing.”

Customers who participate in one of the three programs--BP Driver Rewards, BP Card with Driver Rewards and BP Co-Branded Card with Driver Rewards--can look forward to enhanced rewards, new program promotional offers and more ways to earn.

BP Driver Rewards

No minimum visit and minimum purchase gallon requirements, plus a simple and easy-to-understand reward structure. Customers will earn 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent on fuel at participating BP stations.

Easy account access at the pump and inside the store by entering a phone number (excludes stations in New Jersey) instead of swiping a BP Driver Rewards card.

BP Co-branded Card with Driver Rewards

The following improvements will be introduced as new BP credit card partner, Synchrony Financial, comes aboard this year, bringing deep expertise in technology and loyalty programs. Customers with this card will enjoy additional benefits that include:

25 cents off per gallon in rewards when they spend $100 on fuel and convenience store purchases at BP.

15 cents off per gallon in rewards when they spend $100 on groceries, travel and dining.

5 cents off per gallon in rewards when they spend $100 everywhere else excluding non-BP fuel stations.

BP Card with Driver Rewards

10 cents off per gallon in rewards when they spend $100 on fuel and convenience store purchases at BP.

Current reward members will be notified of the new offer details in March.

The improved BP Driver Rewards will be launched with a digital marketing campaign aimed at generating awareness and acquiring new customers to the program. BP is also planning multi-channel advertising support, events at retail sites and promotions throughout the year.

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