Webinar to take place on October 10, 2019 at 1pm ET

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There are 2.65 billion loyalty program memberships in the U.S., and companies spend $2 billion on loyalty programs every year. But having a loyalty program doesn’t mean having a successful loyalty program. 

When tracking the outcomes of your loyalty program, how do you know that you’re watching the right numbers, actively learning from your customers, and constantly iterating to build a better, stronger program? In many ways, it’s making sure you’re part of the new generation of loyalty— finding the rewards currencies that matter most to your customers can drive stronger results and a deeper connection. 

At Bumped we’ve built an entirely new loyalty platform—rewarding customers in shares of stock—with a focus on the data that helps our partners track and fully understand their Return on (Marketing) Investment. With this innovative new reward currency and our program’s nuanced data, we’re seeing an average ROI of 23x across all brands currently on the platform (and that’s before segmentation). 

We’re so excited about this new wave of loyalty measurement. Join us for a webinar about how to make the most of your program:

•   Identify the loyalty and reward currencies that matter most to your customers
•   Understand the outcomes to measure, and how to efficiently track those numbers
•   Build a plan to maximize your ROI

Ashley Goode, VP Brand Solutions, Bumped
Drew Howell, AVP Brand Solutions, Bumped