Who doesn’t love puppies? Who doesn’t love live streaming? We all do. BarkBox knows its brand. An employee opened his phone but instead of taking an Instagram photo, he opened Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app. He made a video live streaming the office pups. This video gained traction on social media. This was a new way to sell dog food and it worked! Now, BarkBox has 4 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter combined. It is a popular food delivery services in the US. Live streaming is still “new-ish” to social media, but it is a competitive option to increase revenue and raise customer engagement.

Now, BarkBox has 4 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter combined. It is a popular food delivery services in the US. Live streaming is still “new-ish” to social media, but it is a competitive option to increase revenue and raise customer engagement.


Live Streaming, BarkBox
Adorable! How could this not get you to buy BarkBox products?



In this blog I’ll cover:

  • How Live Streaming is Gaining Momentum

  • Live Streaming Options on Social Media

  • How Using Live Streaming Will Increase Customer Engagement and Revenue

  • Examples of Live Streaming Done Well



2016 is the Year of Live Streaming

The opportunity to live stream from a mobile device makes any experience feel important. People enjoy sharing their lives with others. This is why live streaming is taking the world by storm.

Ten years ago Skype was the video outlet to socialize with others. Today it has 300 million users. Apple’s FaceTime has over 20 million video calls made per day. But these are one-to-one conversations.

Mark Zuckerberg is more excited about the possibilities of connecting millions of people at once. He is spending a lot of money on Facebook Live, with companies like the New York Times, Al Jazeera, FC Barcelona, and even actors like Kevin Hart and Gordon Ramsey.

Zuckerberg hopes that catching people’s attention with live streaming will increase video engagement. His investment is already paying off as Facebook users on average spend 300% more time watching live streaming compared to any other video in 2016. Facebook’s active recruitment of celebrities has led to excitement about taking part in this live streaming experience.


Live Streaming, Facebook

Vin Diesel Does Not Get Paid By Facebook to Use Facebook Live!



Where Can You Do Live Streaming?

You can turn to Facebook, which recently inserted their Live option into the status bar. However, it was Twitter’s Periscope, that started turning heads, This app features an interactive feed connected to your Twitter account. Periscope has millions of users, and over 200 million live broadcasts. Over 110 years of video hours are watched daily on Periscope and 15% of top brands are taking advantage of live streaming.

Tweets are still popular but when someone goes “live,” immediately a tweet is sent to all followers. The system is built to get viewers as soon as possible.

Meerkat is also an app like Periscope that uses Twitter to log in. This is one of the most popular live streaming applications available to the user, with updating ranking of the most popular broadcasters in the world.


Live Streaming, Meerkat


YouTube is taking live streaming in a new direction. With its channels, YouTube will offer the ability to schedule a live feed with reminders for subscribers, in hopes of drawing larger crowds. This will be unlike Periscope and Facebook that work from spontaneity. YouTube also offers 24 hours news coverage by some of the larger news providers.


Live Streaming, YouTube


Tumblr just announced its launch of live streaming using feeds connected with YouNow and Upclose. Snapchat is another example, taking their chatting experience to the next level with video messages. It is not nearly the same as an at-length broadcast on Periscope but it shares communication in real-time.

Bottomline: There are plenty of options to get your video out there.



Live Streaming Can Increase Engagement and Revenue

Take a look at Candace Payne. Wait, Candace who?

Two months ago this Chewbacca Mom came to fame when she posted her live video. She became an instant celebrity, registering a million views in 24 hours. Today her “live video” continues to grow as the most watched video on Facebook with 158 million views. She even received a trophy for the most watched Facebook Live video, when she was invited to visit Facebook headquarters by Mark Zuckerberg.


If you have not seen it, you will need to watch it now by clicking here.


What was more sensational than this woman becoming famous overnight, was that Kohl’s, the store where she bought the mask ended up selling out nationwide. The masks were reselling for as much as $500 on eBay! Candace received half a million dollars in thank you gifts, prizes, and scholarship money for her children. This was all additional to her celebrity interviews on the Today Show, the Late Late Show, and much more.

Furthermore, we are all like Candace Payne. Go into a store and buy a product. Go live on Facebook or Periscope and if it is funny, educational, or even a review, a few shares can lead to thousands or even millions within 24 hours.

If you own a gym, you can broadcast workouts. If you have a restaurant, you can offer exotic cooking classes. Media agencies and advertising agencies can also generate leads, or advertise for themselves in order to produce a profit when streaming live.



Which Are the Brands Live Streaming?

Periscope has succeeded at helping brands sell products at the fraction of what it would cost to produce a television commercial. Adidas, for example, took Colombian Footballer James Rodriguez and record his shoe contract signing. It was a huge success with high viewer engagement.


Live Streaming, Periscope

Live Streaming Live Streaming


If Coca-Cola goes live on Periscope, people will watch it. Brands can host contests or even take a moment to walk around their headquarter offices for a half an hour. As long as a brand has a following, anything will be watched.

But the list does not stop with the food industry: UFC, NBC, Mountain Dew, Nestle, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts, you name it. The big names are Live Streaming and reducing their costs! General Electric did a five part series live streaming with a drone! How cool is that?!


Take a glance at GE’s #DRONEWEEK



In Summary

Don’t miss the boat. Open an account and start live streaming. You will see an increase in customer engagement and even ROI with reduced costs.

  • Live Streaming will continue to take over social media interactions.
  • Streaming is easy to do. It is the perfect mix of social interaction and engagement.
  • Live Streaming is a free platform that will lead to less advertising costs in general.
  • This is the new marketing tool and opportunity to sell products. It is a tactical strategy for lead generation, cultivation, and eventually conversion.

Social media in 2016 has seen a fast evolution from text to video, from hashtags to live broadcasts. Individuals are involved more closely than ever before. It is worth your time to take your social network representation to the next level.

Go Live! Even if you try to go live on Facebook once a month it will be worthwhile.

The 74-year-old US Senator Bernie Sanders maximized the majority of his presidential campaign using social media. He ALMOST became the Democratic presidential nominee and is credited with being the first politician to use live streaming. Usually, politicians are the last individuals to be socially connected with their social media usage. If this 74-year-old has become a master of live streaming, then so can you. Now is definitely that window of opportunity to take advantage of this incredible tool. The possibility to connect with millions of people in real-time is here and free.

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