The State of Next Generation Loyalty: A Perspective from Loyalty360 Members

**Full report available to Loyalty360 corporate members 

The question of how to offer truly individualized experiences through content, products, and messaging is a thorny one. Some brands focus on developing unified customer profiles and segmenting them into buying categories. Others use artificial intelligence engines to predict customer purchase habits and send relevant offers. Some use a hybrid strategy, while many are confused as where to start and what to do. Most brands recognize that providing the best customer experience is a matter of tailoring a comprehensive offering to their customers, including loyalty program rewards, products, services, communication, and cadence. 


Regardless of the brand or vertical, or even the overall level of sophistication, the most successful organizations realize that personalization is not a process that happens overnight, but rather a journey that happens over time

The November 27th Loyalty360 Digital Roundtable will be presented by Tamara Camp, Vice President of Global CEM, Growth & Loyalty Programs at Western Union.

During the roundtable, Camp discussed the current state of  her process, challenges, and opportunities with developing this program. 

From the roundtable session, we garnered several key pieces of information from the survey we created for the roundtable. For the complete report from the November 27th roundtable session, click "PDF download" above.