The State of Best-in-Class Customer Experience Survey Report: Top Imperatives for Your 2019 & Beyond
Loyalty360 & SAP | March 08, 2019

Through a unique blend of content, networking, and research, Loyalty360 represents a community of the best voices and minds in the customer loyalty industry. As such, in partnership with SAP, we are thrilled to present our “The State of Best-in-Class Customer Experience Report.” 

The report is uniquely designed to help marketers build customer experience and engagement with a detailed understanding of the current state of customer experience and customer loyalty through the eyes of the marketers who are tasked to develop strategies and processes for their respective brands around their current and potential customers. This report will address where the industry is, examine what is working, reflect on what is not, and discuss the best-in-class approach. 

On a consistent basis, Loyalty360 speaks with senior-level brands, and through this interaction we have a unique pulse on the challenges that brands have in the arena of customer experience. There are key challenges that marketers face today, including data challenges; industry, regulatory, and privacy concerns; technology constraints; and internal organizational challenges that all make it difficult for those who are tasked with day-to-day responsibilities and putting an effective “Best-In-Class Customer Experience” team into place. 

We hope our “The State of Best-in-Class Customer Experience Report” provides the unbiased view of the customer experience that you have been looking for. 

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