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Loyalty360 | November 28, 2022

There is a realization that the focus on customer loyalty is growing considerably amongst brands. From Loyalty360’s perspective, those who do it well have several key traits in common: strong internal focus, aligned goals and vision, the right technology stack with platforms that integrate, cohesive strategy, that can be pliable when needed, and trusted internal and external partners.

However, there are many brands challenged with customer loyalty. Addressing the aforementioned list of success criteria can be pretty daunting while keeping up with the technology, processes, and metrics needed to have a world-class program.

In late 2022, Loyalty360 surveyed brand members to better understand the perspectives, challenges, and opportunities for their customer loyalty programs, strategies, and teams. There is an immense interest in customer loyalty – a key focal point for many brands heading into the new year.

"It goes back to having a culture of not being complacent, always trying and looking for more ways to provide benefits for our [members] through our loyalty program or business in general" - Retail Brand Marketer

  • Interest in Redoing Your Loyalty Program: 78% of brands said they have an interest internally to redo, enhance, or update their customer loyalty offering 
  • Sea of Sameness: Do you think there is a "Sea of Sameness" regarding customer loyalty programs? 71% of respondents said "yes".
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