Employee Engagement Benchmark Report
cVent | January 13, 2014

Review any organization that has earned a "best place to work" designation, or one that perennially earns "favorite company" status with a strong base of loyal customers, and you'll discover a common thread: employees who are highly engaged. The intellectual argument in favor of improving employee engagement is irrefutable. Whatever definition one chooses, having more engaged employees should lead to better performance and a variety of improved business outcomes.

This study will reveal what organizations with highly engaged workforces are doing, and the degree of benefit they are getting as a result. This study sought to examine the effects of employee engagement on key performance indicators such as:

  • Revenue generation
  • Employee retention, productivity, morale and creativity
  • Customer loyalty & retention

A few key takeaways include:

  • Customer retention rates are 18 percentage points higher on average when employees are highly engaged
  • Medium-sized companies reported the lowest level of employee engagement: only 40% of them report engagement levels of 50% or above.
  • 33% report a significant impact of engagement on profit margins when employees are highly engaged

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