Digital Transformation Using Data-Driven Insights for Exceptional Customer Engagement
The Pitney Bowes Team | July 14, 2017

Digital transformation (DX ) is an expansive and, at times, confusing discipline, but mastering it is an unavoidable reality for any organization—even those that were “born digital”—wanting to remain competitive in a marketplace increasingly defined by digital interaction, customer experience, responsiveness and hyper-personalization.

The lack of clarity around it can make DX a daunting task to contemplate; perhaps one reason that even businesses that understand the requirement to digitally transform have been slow to adapt.

Digital transformation is a large topic that can be parsed any number of ways. However, research by McKinsey, in its 2014 Global Survey, has shown that digital engagement of customers is a primary motivator for business strategy, with 69% of respondents rating it within the top three priorities for strategy, and 62% rating it the same for investment priority.3 This paper is focused through that lens, of digital customer engagement. It is by pulling together high-quality data on customers from multiple sources, and capturing insights from advanced analytics and software tools, that customer engagement can be transformed across digital touchpoints. This paper discusses the complex topic of digital customer engagement transformation in three parts.

Part 1: Provides a road map for a DX strategy that delivers unique, hyper-personalized, scalable and relevant experiences in the right moment and on the right channel

Part 2: Highlights perspectives from analysts, industry professionals and real-world users on the digital customer engagement transformation

Part 3: Provides key takeaways and advice for businesses looking to invest in their own digital transformation journey

We hope you find this report instructive and informative.

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