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HTK Enables Clients to Win with Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are as common today as ecommerce sites. Every B2C brand has some form of loyalty solution, whether published or behind the scenes....

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Loyalty360 reports on news and trends related to loyalty marketing, customer loyalty, customer engagement, customer experience, CRM, voice of the customer and more. Our ongoing coverage is of interest to marketers and operations professionals in any industry.

Harnessing the Power of Influence

How often do you recommend brands on social media?  Whether it’s tagging yourself at a restaurant and saying how great the food was...

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5 Common Fears About AI for Marketing – And How to Address Them

This is the second post in our “AI for CX & Marketing” series – check out the first post here.If you’re trying to...

HTK Limited

At HTK, we provide insight-driven marketers with the software and services they need to earn true loyalty, powered by customer experience. From CRM and engagement strategies to fully fledged loyalty programs, HTK helps marketers build better (more profitable) customer relationships, with a mix of consultancy and cutting-edge tech. Our cloud...

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