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Tone Deaf in CX: The “Music” Most Companies Miss

  • August 05 2016
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

CX thought leader and prolific Forbes contributor, Micah Solomon, recently posted an article titled “13 Ways Leadership Can Lead Employees to Provide World-Class Customer Service.” In it, he outlines ways leaders can infuse, inspire...Read More

Stop Reacting and Start Designing: Predictive Analytics Comes to CX

  • June 10 2016
  • Resource: Loyalty Management

Customer Experience (CX) requires a sophisticated understanding of your customers. The first step in this understanding is identifying and addressing pain points, and creating a sense of transactional ease. And while having an effective triage...Read More

Entrepreneur Article: Evolve or Die in the Age of the Customer

  • June 21 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Entrepreneur was recently kind enough to lend me their Webspace for sharing some thoughts on business and customer experience in today’s market.I’ve been around long enough to see a pretty significant and cool change take root in...Read More

Red Shoes Pillar #3: Stories

  • June 18 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Every last person out there has their signature features—visible clues that tease out their story. It could be a glaring flaw or a glowing trait: a tendency to talk too fast, a flair for the dramatic, a hard time getting out of bed, an...Read More