Live Webinar scheduled for June 25, 2019 @ 1pm ET || Register Now

Customer loyalty is in the midst of a reinvention, spurred by the promise of new technologies, customer data, and measurability. The Loyalty Landscape report will bring clarity to the current and future states of customer loyalty.

The 2019 Loyalty Landscape is a comprehensive assessment of customer loyalty from those who are on the front lines of the industry. The Loyalty Landscape survey was completed by nearly 300 leading brands and reflects the challenges and opportunities present in today’s market.  

A few of the areas the Loyalty Landscape report and the webinar will focus on include:

- How brands are defining customer loyalty – and how that is changing? 

- How do you measure loyalty strategy effectiveness?

- How long the program has been in the market, when it was last updated and plans for future updates to the program?

- Percentage of active participants in the program and revenue associated with the program

- How brands are assigning costs and profitability to the program.

- What are the three biggest challenges brands are having regarding their loyalty program or strategy? 

Can’t make the live webinar? Be sure to register and we will send everyone an email with the event recording after the webinar. As always, this Loyalty360 webinar is free to attend. 

Live Webinar scheduled for June 25, 2019 @ 1pm ET || Register Now