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Loyalty programs have exploded in market value in recent years. While this growth marks a prosperous period for the industry, with that comes an increased presence of fraudulent activity. Lassu’s Red Amber platform seeks to stop these actions at the source, detecting internal discrepancies and saving companies the financial liability of loyalty program fraud. The platform does this through six separate modules, all of which are built to detect different sources of program discrepencies including unusual point accumulation, incorrect transfers, and more.
Unique to Lassu is the modular nature of its platform. Each of the six distinct tools is designed to combat a specific source of fraud, and clients are able to pick and choose which modules to implement, creating an “a la carte” solution to fraud prevention based on their individual needs and points of weakness.
In terms of implementation, Red Amber is designed to easily work as a background application within the framework of any and all loyalty programs and CRM systems. Considering the unfortunate rise of loyalty program fraud, the modularity of Lassu’s Red Amber solution offers clients exactly which (and how much) coverage they have against the potential headache of being vulnerable to these discrepencies.

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