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Core Offering(s): Loyalty Management Platform, Customer Engagement and Experience Platform
Tenerity helps its clients create, sustain, and evolve emotional connections with members through successful customer loyalty strategies at scale. With a focus on enabling powerful experiences that engage customers, Tenerity partners with its clients to find the right balance of customer data, content, offers, and communications to connect with members at the right time and place.

Tenerity’s customer loyalty and engagement solution, Connect, leverages intelligence-based machine learning and analytics to deliver personalized and curated content, which can include discounts, cashback, gift cards, rewards, and experiences. Content within a client’s environment is continually optimized with customer interactions, allowing for highly personalized and engaging experiences. The platform was purpose-built to elevate customer relationships from transactional to emotional.

Platform modules and capabilities include, but are not limited to*:

  • Personalization & Optimization Engine
  • Content Hub
  • Automated Communications
  • Analytics and Insights
Tenerity has over 1400 employees with main offices in the United States, the UK, and India. Tenerity’s clients span globally, located in 18 countries, with the majority based in Europe and the U.S.

*For additional details and an in-depth overview, read more in Tenerity’s complete Analyst Brief here.  

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