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Company Type: Loyalty Technology with Supporting Services
Core Offering(s): Loyalty Management Platform, Customer Experience/Engagement Platform
Target Industries: Retail, Banking, Insurance, Public Services, Travel/Hospitality, Communications

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that offers an integrated portfolio of business, technology and engineering services and solutions.

One of the supplier’s key software solutions, TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights™ (CI&I), powers and supports brands’ customer loyalty, rewards, and experience strategies. TCS CI&I helps brands drive and sustain customer loyalty, with functionality to support transaction-based earn and burn mechanisms, as well as hyper-personalized, journey-led, and gamified experiences. 

Each version of CI&I  is designed as an out-of-the-box, industry-specific solution, allowing for a fast-paced speed-to-market while remaining flexible enough to scale as brands’ programs expand.

CI&I main modules include: loyalty management, real-time CDP, and customer analytics/reporting. The CI&I platform that powers the product applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time data capabilities across multiple data sources for a consolidated view of the customer and an in-depth understanding of customer behavior, preferences, goals, and journeys.

While traditional loyalty is supported within the platform, CI&I enables TCS clients to go beyond points programs by delivering 1:1 experiences, offers, and rewards to achieve lasting, emotional loyalty.

TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights capabilities include:

  • Loyalty Management
    • Programs, Child programs, Tiers, and Schemes
    • Event-driven Offers and Rules
    • Gamification
  • Real-time CDP and Analytics
    • Customer Profile Unification
    • Customer 360
    • Customer Persona Discovery & Segmentation
    • Customer Journey Discovery
    • Customer Journey Modeling & Orchestration
    • Real-Time Contextual Recommendations
    • Data Privacy Compliant CDP & Data Lake
    • Reporting and Dashboarding
Additionally, for companies already leveraging other third-party platforms for loyalty management or CDP, specific modules of CI&I can be deployed to complement existing investments. The TCS team can also assist clients with integrations to third party marketing automation platforms and partnership recommendations.
Headquartered in India, TCS has over 592,000 employees across 46 countries, supporting brands around the world. CI&I’s low code platform is designed with the business user in mind and does not require extensive IT support. Still, for brands in need of program support, design, and optimization, TCS offers managed services through its consulting services division.  Best fit industries and use cases for TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights™ are typically in the retail, banking, public services, insurance, travel/hospitality, or communications verticals.

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