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While a majority of loyalty suppliers are focused on a B2C-focused distribution of rewards, Perks specializes in the arena of B2B and channel loyalty. This indirect sales partner expertise is centered largely on the organization’s “Science of Motivation” methodology, aimed at creating alignment in the often-obfuscated partner-supplier-reseller relationship. This alignment is crucial in creating relevant programs based on channel partner behavior. The success of channel loyalty initiatives hinges on the syncing of business goals between supplier and partner, and Perks creates this synergy through the segmentation of incentive activities at both the company and individual levels.
The company also offers clients use of the Enterprise Engagement Engine (E3), a user-friendly dashboard through which users are able to access graphical interfaces representing analytics including points-based activities, peer-to-peer social activity, and showcase participation levels. By creating partner alignment, Perks effectively streamlines the process of channel loyaly development, significantly shortening the time to revenue for its clients.

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