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Company Type: Loyalty Technology with Supporting Services

Core Offering(s): Customer Loyalty Platform, Customer Engagement and Experience Platform, Customer Data Platform, Offer Management, Marketing Orchestration, Gift Card Programs/Stored Value

Clutch, a technology-first customer loyalty and marketing solution provider, embraces the notion that no single solution or program model will be a best fit for every brand or a perfect fit for each customer. Instead, with an informed and data-driven approach, brands can better understand their top customers on an individual level and tailor their programs, strategies, offers, campaigns, and rewards to create stronger and meaningful connections with their consumers.

Founded in 2013, Clutch’s technology set was initially deployed as a platform to aggregate customer data. In the years since the company has heavily invested in and expanded its product suite to offer clients more than a CDP but a complete customer loyalty solution. Today, Clutch powers marketing, customer loyalty, and customer experience strategies for brands of various sizes and industries, including traditional enterprise loyalty and rewards programs, as well as specific use cases for gift cards, solutions for franchisees, small to mid-market clients, and more.

Clutch’s technology helps its brand clients meet and exceed consumer expectations by identifying, understanding, and motivating consumers through a set of data-driven, integrated solutions. With a customer data platform (CDP) as the core component of the Clutch Platform, clients have access to all of their customer data in one central location, allowing for a 360-degree view of individual consumers, segments, and overall customer insights, which are continually updated in real-time. Additionally, with the platform’s built-in marketing capabilities and dedicated modules, clients can access a complete toolset to drive and optimize consumer behavior, resulting in positive customer experiences and long-term customer loyalty.

Read more about Clutch in the complete analyst brief here.

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