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Company Type: Customer Engagement and Experience Platform, Customer Loyalty Platform, Customer Loyalty Strategy and Design.

Helping marketers build stronger relationships with their best customers, Loyalty Methods partners with brands to support large-scale loyalty and customer experience strategies and programs powered by scalable, flexible, and real-time technology. For Loyalty Methods, loyalty is not driven only by rewards or a program. It requires attention to the overall customer journey – including frictionless, consistent, relevant, and timely experiences.

Loyalty Method's ReactorCX (RCX) is a cross-industry, real-time, cloud-native, omnichannel, scalable loyalty and engagement platform. The platform offers a robust feature set. While its roots are based in loyalty management, it has expanded into a complete customer experience (CX) management platform, including loyalty solutions, rewards/offers, customer preferences, personalization, member/customer care, and analytics.

As a cross-industry solution, Loyalty Methods' RCX platform can support a variety of verticals and program types, and due to the platform's out of the box features and flexibility, RCX can also support transaction-based programs, as well as loyalty or CX strategies that reward or engage customers through non-purchase activities. Loyalty Methods' technology is flexible enough to support enterprise programs and strategies that scale, adapt, and evolve.

Loyalty Methods' parent company, Rythmos, is a general consulting company specializing in BI/data warehousing and microservice development. As the parent company, Rythmos provides additional expertise and resources for platform development and client projects if needed. Read more about Loyalty Methods in the complete analyst brief here.

About Loyalty Methods:

Our mission is to help companies build and support large-scale customer experience solutions. We provide the right people, the right platform, and the integrations needed to do it safely, simply, quickly, and elegantly.

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