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Company Type: Loyalty Management Platform, Customer Loyalty Strategy and Design, Creative Services and Strategy

As a marketing services, customer experience, and loyalty partner, ICF Next supports clients on their journeys in building successful loyalty programs and strategies. The ICF Next team believes in the holistic approach that loyalty encompasses more than just points and a program, but can include quotidian touchpoints and experiences a customer has with a brand. Through its technology and service offerings, ICF Next collaborates with clients to create relevant, seamless, and authentic connections with customers.

ICF Next’s proprietary loyalty and CRM platform, Tally, is a flexible solution that helps brands manage loyalty programs, member and customer experience, and internal operations. While ICF Next typically works with brands with traditional points-based loyalty programs, Tally can also be configured to support non-points-based programs and customer engagement strategies.

Additionally, ICF Next offers a variety of services for brands that are using the Tally platform or for clients that may work with a different technology provider but need additional assistance and/or resource allocation with program and strategy design, analytics, or personalized creative. The ICF Next team prides itself on its client-centric mindset and strives to engage clients in the ways that best drive measurable success.

ICF Next is a best-fit for enterprise and mid-market brands in search of a full-service loyalty management provider, assistance with a loyalty or customer experience strategy, or support from a traditional agency perspective.

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About ICF Next:
Formerly known as Olson 1to1, ICF Next offers award-winning loyalty + CRM strategy, customer journey mapping and lifecycle management, personalized creative, analytics, reporting and modeling, cross-channel marketing, technology, and program implementation and management.

ICF Next helps its clients form lasting, meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers while delivering measurable return on investment across their customer engagement activities.

ICF Next’s technology solution, Tally®, was purpose-built for the new realities of today’s digital and customer experience age. ICF’s strategic expertise, technology solution’s flexibility, extensibility, and adaptability, along with our reputation in the industry, have played a major role in the company’s rise to becoming one of the leading providers of end-to-end loyalty solutions.

ICF Next is the recent culmination of years of integrating a set of best-in-class marketing and communications capabilities through different agencies and consultancies, focused on insights, creativity, and technology that move people – from consumers to colleagues and from citizens to entire communities, to bring organizations closer to the people they serve. ICF Next’s 1,700+ deep bench of creatives, communicators, strategists, technologists, and data analysts are committed to helping organizations meet barriers head-on.

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