Loyalty360 Featured Technology And Services | Evolving Systems

Company Type: Loyalty Technology with Supporting Services
Core Offering(s): Loyalty Management Platform, Customer Experience/Engagement Platform
Target Industries: Telecommunications

Founded in 1985, Evolving Systems is a customer loyalty, engagement, and gamification technology solutions provider with deep experience in the telecommunications industry. For many years, Evolving Systems has worked with telco clients from an activation and customer acquisition perspective, focusing on network provisioning, connectivity management, and inventory/warehouse management projects. As a natural progression, Evolving Systems began to establish itself within the customer loyalty landscape, as clients searched for solutions to not only acquire customers but create a loyal and engaged subscriber base.

As a result of business acquisitions and enhancements to its proprietary platform, Evolving Systems has made significant adjustments to its business model to continue to support clients' acquisition needs but also offer a technology solution for customer loyalty management, engagement, and gamification.

Within the customer engagement and loyalty side of its business, Evolving Systems has an in-house technology with three core solutions: 1) Customer Value Management, 2) Loyalty and 3) Gamification. Based on brand needs, clients can leverage the entire solution set to support a customer loyalty program or strategy, or a single solution, such as the gamification module, if the brand already has an existing loyalty platform in place.

  • With Evolving Systems Customer Value Management product, clients can leverage capabilities that enable personalized and real-time customer communication. For example, clients can craft campaigns, customer value statements, and digital offers that are based on customer preferences and previous engagements.

  • Evolving Systems’ loyalty solution includes traditional loyalty management features, such as point earn and burn, reward management, and redemption opportunities. Still, it is also flexible enough to handle partner offers and missions, and challenges to keep customers engaged beyond transactions.

  • The gamification solution offers clients the ability to create engaging activities for customers, such as gamified referrals, acquisitions, games, quizzes, and more.

As Evolving Systems continues to expand into the customer loyalty space, its goal is to continually enhance its technology suite to not only offer clients a robust platform that can support large-scale loyalty programs, but also a set of technology solutions that are flexible enough to meet changing customer demands and client needs. With many companies trending away from point-based programs, brands are forward-focused on the technology, platforms, and partners that can support experiential offerings geared toward building long-term, emotional connections with their best customers. 

Evolving Systems is currently a global solutions provider but is still looking to expand to new markets soon. While the company is headquartered in the United States, many of its customer loyalty clients are based in Europe. However, with a global presence and offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Evolving Systems is well suited to support clients with footprints in multiple regions or countries. Its technology is best-fit for mid-to-large brands searching for customer loyalty, engagement, and/or gamification solutions.

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