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Core Offering(s): Customer Loyalty Platform, Customer Engagement and Experience Platform, Customer Loyalty Strategy and Design

With 20 years of industry experience, Brandmovers is an all-in-one technology and customer loyalty/CX strategy and service provider. Brandmovers works with its clients to develop purpose-driven, impactful, and engaging customer loyalty programs and strategies through a flexible platform and a full suite of design, strategic, and creative solutions.

Brandmovers has three main business units. The first – and most significant – is dedicated to B2B and B2C customer loyalty strategies and programs. Second, the company’s digital promotions division (e.g., sweepstakes, instant wins) is often closely tied to its loyalty division, allowing clients to create unique engagement opportunities for program members. The third is its integrations division, which frequently supports loyalty clients during a new loyalty launch or transition from a legacy provider to the Brandmovers platform.

On the technology side, Brandmovers’ proprietary loyalty management platform enables brands to identify and engage with their best customers by delivering unique experiences, including promotions, offers, and content. As brands move beyond loyalty models that strictly focus on transactions, Brandmovers’ Enterprise Loyalty Platform includes tools and features that allow for a more significant range of engagement tactics, including gamification, rewards for non-purchase behaviors, and a customizable and personalized rewards and incentives catalog.

In addition to its Enterprise Loyalty Platform, Brandmovers internal loyalty strategists can partner with clients on projects such as customer loyalty program and strategy design, program/strategy optimization, full-service program management, system integrations, and creative services.

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