Loyalty360 Featured Technology and Services | Vesta

Company Type: Customer Engagement Platform, Community, Brand Advocacy and Insights
Core Offering(s): Online communities, peer influencer activation, and custom research insights
Target Industries: CPG, Food/Beverage, Wellness, Beauty/Personal Care, Healthcare, Retail, and B2B/Agency
Vesta, formerly Social Media Link, an engagement and activation technology supplier, connects a brand to its best customers through a set of unique solutions and a robust engagement platform. For over ten years, the company’s mission has been concentrated on facilitating meaningful interactions between brands and consumers through communities that drive advocacy and foster word-of-mouth marketing, resulting in brand access to first-hand consumer feedback and insights based on zero-party data.

Vesta believes that communities can help support and drive a brand’s business goals by creating engagement, driving advocacy, loyalty, personalization, and consumer insights.

EngageTechTM is the proprietary engagement software that powers Vesta’s three engagement solutions – Vesta Communities – branded online communities, Vesta Peer Influences - peer influencer activation, and Vesta Insights - custom research insights.

Vesta’s platform is well suited for brands based in the CPG, Food/Beverage, Wellness, Beauty/Personal Care, Healthcare, Retail, and B2B/Agency industries. Vesta’s focus on community works well with brands that are looking for a solution to bring its customers together to further drive engagement, build brand awareness, gather feedback, uncover insights, cultivate advocacy, and develop and increase loyalty with top, highly-invested customers.
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About Vesta:
Vesta, formerly known as Social Media Link, is a leading marketing technology company that powers online communities to turn real consumers into brand evangelists-using zero-party data to deliver personalized content and experiences at scale. Since 2009, hundreds of brands from companies like Pfizer, Unilever, Nestle, Reckitt Benckiser and more have partnered with Vesta to activate millions of consumers to drive customer acquisition, long-term loyalty, and 5-10x ROI.

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