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TCC Global is a software supplier specializing in customer loyalty, engagement, and digital marketing solutions that help brands connect with, identify, and reward their customers. TCC’s industry experience spans over 30 years, with its origins in Europe. Today, TCC partners with brands in over 70 countries, supported by 34 offices worldwide — including North and South America — focusing primarily on grocery, supermarket, and convenience store brands.

Company Type: Complementary Customer Loyalty Technology with Supporting Services
Core Offering(s): Rewards and Gamification Platform, Customer Engagement Platform
Target industries: Grocery, Retail, E-Commerce

TCC Global's cloud-based solutions allow brands to expand their customer loyalty programs’ earn and redeem capabilities, opportunities, and reward options. In the grocery vertical, many brands offer shoppers a "cents off" fuel discount as a reward. While this is a proven approach, TCC's solutions offer a differentiated way for brands to engage their customers and provide additional redemption options. By incorporating various reward and redemption modules, brands can give their customers a reason to engage beyond a fuel discount.

TCC Global platform capabilities:

  • Loyalty Program Reward Solutions
  • Gamification
  • Reporting, Dashboards, and Analytics
  • Digital Coupons
  • Personalized Offers
  • Mobile Apps
  • Geolocation Technologies
Within TCC’s platform, there are many different earn/burn modules that can be quickly spun up, added in, or customized, including:
  • Daily Games
  • Sweepstakes
  • Student Loan Payoffs
  • Point Donation to Charity
  • Travel Redemptions
  • Merchandise and Gift Card Redemptions
  • In-Store Product Redemptions
Marketers have the option to either set up and manage their campaigns, offers, or benefits within the platform or partner with TCC Global from a managed services standpoint. The modules can be mixed and matched based on the client's goals, budget, and audience interests to create a custom reward experience. Within each module, clients can determine the point and reward values — e.g., for every 100 points, a member can redeem $1 off their student loans — and match their catalog to local interests — such as regional charities or schools for donations.

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