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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with locations in Canada, India, and Singapore, FiO is a comprehensive, robust loyalty ecosystem that gives clients the tools they need to drive sales by motivating customers to increase their purchase frequency through real-time engagement, automated intelligence, and meaningful behavior analytics.

Company Type: Loyalty Technology with Supporting Services
Core Offering(s): Loyalty Management Platform, Customer Data Management, Turnkey Loyalty Platform consisting of three main components: Loyalty, Analytics and Agency Services, Loyalty Relationship Manager, Engagement Enrichment Manager, and Loyalty Advocacy Manager.
FiO’s core customer loyalty solution includes:

  • Loyalty propensity computations
  • Fully integrated, contextually intelligent mobile communications and push notifications that provide “real-time” marketing moments
  • “Augmented intelligence” leveraging real-time data analytics with real-time action,
  • Events-based marketing synergy that delivers curated experiences infused with collected data from location, user, and activity knowledge on mobile devices
  • Hyper-personalized e-receipts
Target Industries: Retail distribution and consumer goods in B2B, B2C, and D2C environments
FiO’s goal is to quickly collect customer data through a variety of means to begin predicting what the best loyalty activities will be to grow customer engagement and interactions with the brand.
FiO’s platform is built to reflect “In the Moment Marketing” that is in demand by modern consumers. The platform takes advantage of ongoing events and creates communications and marketing messaging around them that enables brands to insert themselves in the ongoing conversations that bring relevance to how they market. Additionally, FIO’s platform provides a comprehensive, integrated solution that offers cost-effective customer analytics, easy-to-use business intelligence, data integration, and location-based management support.
FiO’s customizable e-receipt system allows marketing teams to target customers for their next purchase immediately after their first. If a customer doesn’t redeem their e-receipt offer right away, the next time they follow the receipt link, it will reflect the latest offer. The offers evolve rather than expire, keeping incentives for purchase relevant to the customer’s most current data and purchase habits.
The platform integrates with existing customer CRMs and analytics platforms but provides deeper insight into understanding and deploying customer data. That means brands can create highly customized incentives for customers based on their buying, shopping, and channel engagement behavior. Through analytic engines empowered by artificial intelligence and the ability to provide dynamic segmentation data, FiO can suggest sales and marketing campaigns designed to drive revenue among specific customer demographics and highly targeted customer segmentations.

A brand’s customer database can be viewed through the FiO dashboard in a drilled-down fashion. All campaigns, offers, coupons, purchase frequencies, redemption rates, etc., can be viewed through the dashboard at the individual customer level and in aggregate. The database includes:
  • Customer attributes (profile and transaction data)
  • Transaction data
  • Behavior data
  • Content consumption
  • Customer 360 real-time updates
  • Customer identity resolution
  • Zero-party data
  • Data cleanse for zero-party data

In addition, FiO integrates with some of the most popular ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Woo Commerce, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. In addition, FiO integrates with POS providers such as Flooid, Retail Pro, Veras Retail, and MI9 Retail.

Connect – Store – Prepare – Visualize – Collaborate – Predict – Spend
FiO’s platform is intended to be marketer-friendly with a quick implementation schedule. Depending on the purity of the client’s data stream, FiO can be up-and-running within eight weeks. For clients without analytics teams, FiO can provide that service on a packaged basis to work with marketing teams and executives to interpret data insights and make decisions about what incentives and loyalty programs to implement within the platform.
FiO Platform Capabilities
  • Development and implementation of loyalty programs
  • Collection of zero party data
  • Predictive analytics and propensity computations
  • Personalized e-receipts
  • Hyper-personalization and segmentation
  • Customer data platform
  • Customer engagement platform
  • Customer lifetime value management
  • ETL tools

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