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Engage People, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a SaaS-based loyalty and incentive platform solution provider focused on the technology of loyalty programs and using that technology to improve the customer experience. With over 30 years of experience in loyalty programs, the company boasts a global customer base with its primary focus in North America. Engage processed over $200M in redemptions in 2022 and is on track to transact $1B in 2023.

Company Type: Complementary Customer Loyalty Technology with Supporting Services
Core Offering(s): Loyalty Management Platform, Rewards and Offer Platform, Pay with Points Capabilities
Target industries: Banking and Finance

The company is seen as a technology partner by the institutions they work with, with loyalty at the focus. Engage extends its anonymized, aggregated data alongside partner data to bring the best consumer experience to the member base.

A network of program members and loyalty partners (retailers, banks/FIs, payment processors, and credit card issuers) is linked to allow members to use loyalty points as a payment option. Engage’s loyalty platform and loyalty management system, Podium, delivers unique offers directly to targeted segments, connecting a partner’s brand and members to an offer in real-time without additional costs in resources and time.

Engage houses an extensive suite of technologies built to connect all its partners, eliminating one-off solutions for individual customers. Financial institutions can connect to Engage’s pool of retailers, creating a frictionless and scalable solution. Engage uses simple APIs and requires limited IT involvement from its partners. Many Engage partners bring the solution directly into their own banking apps.

Retailers have access to almost $5.3 billion worth of loyalty points through Engage’s partner loyalty programs and over 51 million members through Engage’s loyalty network. With 44+ billion points redeemed across Engage’s platforms, over $300M in transactions occur annually.

Engage’s loyalty solution (Podium) capabilities:

  • Program and Campaign Management
  • Personalization and Member Management
  • Member Site Management and Accessibility
  • Reporting, Security, and Control
  • Online Redemption
  • Agnostic Earn and Burn
  • Segmentation
  • Messaging (Email, SMS, App Push Notifications)
  • Ledger Management Integration
  • Integrated Fraud Tools
Engage allows redemption against merchandise and gift cards using a dropship model. Tied into distributors and brands directly, inventory counts are in real-time. Engage offers a valuable redemption catalog (merchandise, travel, gift cards) to a partner. Members of the loyalty program can “pay with points” across a broad spectrum – booking flights or hotels through well-known travel sites; shopping for routine, specialty products, or aspirational products; and more. Members can “split-pay” as well – both points and money can be used to make a purchase.

Consumers build trust with brands. Access Plus, a pay-with-points redemption network, allows members to maximize their points when making purchases through retailers they prefer – all while remaining connected to the financial institution managing the loyalty program. With Access Plus, the affinity for the program and its benefits remains with the partner and is not transferred to the retailer. Member enrollment in this program is a one-time action – a click to the retailer’s site from inside the partner’s platform. Card enrollment is kept simple. As the member returns to the retailer for future purchases, points can be redeemed right from inside their cart. Engage uses an enrollment API to create a relationship between the member and the retailer and also uses a unique identifier so that personal information is not passed back and forth between the two. It’s simply either a redemption call, return/refund call, or an unenrollment call.

Engage’s redemption (Access Plus) capabilities:
  • One Simple Integration, Multiple Partners
  • Provide Partner Members with Pay-per-Points
  • Infinite Redemption Options
  • Make Payments Easy for Members
  • Increase Customer Interaction and Engagement
  • Increase Payment Card Interaction
With loyalty teams growing significantly and the demand to manage programs effectively rising, Engage works with its partners, providing scalable solutions tailored to their needs while allowing for the integration of compatible solutions when required.

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