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Brierley is a global customer loyalty and experience technology, service, and strategy provider with a 30-plus-year history of creating, powering, and managing successful programs and strategies for globally recognized companies. Brierley’s marketer-friendly and flexible platform enables clients to design, architect, and evolve mid-to-large scale programs. The company also supports numerous brands through its robust strategy practice.

Core Offering(s): Loyalty Management Platform, Customer Engagement and Experience Design Services, Customer Loyalty Strategy and Design, Data and Analytics Insights

As a full-service loyalty supplier, Brierley can act as a one-stop-shop for its clientele, providing its LoyaltyOnDemand platform and in-house strategists to assist with any number of brand needs, from program design to optimization, program insights, and more. However, Brierley also works with clients searching for a self-serve platform or brands that may already have a loyalty platform in place but require strategic services in a long-or-short term capacity. Brierley’s technology and services are offered on a menu basis, allowing clients to select the parts and pieces necessary to support their traditional or non-traditional customer loyalty and experience goals.

Brierley believes that the very best customer loyalty programs will become an integral part of the brand’s identity. To this end, Brierley has focused on a single mission: making its clients’ customer relationships engaging and measurably profitable. This mission is core to the company culture as Brierley works with all of its clients to not only support but co-create innovative programs and memorable customer experiences that will drive long-lasting customer loyalty.

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