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As a partner for brands in search of customer loyalty, experience, and engagement solutions, Marigold enables brands to build and cultivate relationships throughout the customer lifecycle, helping marketers manage data, connect with their audiences, gain valuable audience insights, and reward behavior beyond mere transactions.

Company Type: Customer Loyalty Platform, Customer Engagement and Experience Platform, Customer Loyalty Strategy and Design

A new name to the customer loyalty world, Marigold is comprised of a family of brands with decades of combined collective industry experience. Marigold emerged from the successful merger of Cheetah Digital and CM Group in 2022, bringing together the power of Cheetah Digital’s customer loyalty and experience technologies, with the marketing technology companies under CM Group, which included Campaign Monitor, Emma, Vuture, Sailthru, and Selligent. Now known as Marigold, the companies have come together to offer a comprehensive suite of customer loyalty, marketing, email solutions, and services unified under one distinctive brand.

The Marigold product suite offers technology focused on loyalty (Marigold Loyalty), acquisition (Marigold Grow), and engagement (Marigold Engage+). These solutions can be leveraged independently or as an integrated set, empowering marketers to create data-driven personalized experiences, cross-channel messages, and loyalty strategies.

To complement its technology solutions, Marigold provides a wide range of services supported by dedicated teams, including customer success, technical services, creative and design, and program strategy. This comprehensive approach establishes Marigold as a true partner to its clients, dedicated to enhancing their loyalty efforts.

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