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Founded in Chicago, IL, Bounteous is a "digital first" organization blending three types of agency proficiencies — a system integrator, a digital agency, and a consultancy. Bounteous provides clients with the technological, design, and strategy skills to achieve customer loyalty and reach their business goals through these three complementary arms. With 1800+ employees globally consisting of engineers, data scientists, marketers, analysts, strategists, and designers, Bounteous supports clients in North America, South America, EMEA, and APAC.

Company Type: Strategy, Consulting, and Agency Services
Core Offering(s): Customer Loyalty Strategy and Design, Creative Services and Strategy, Data and Analytics Insights
Target industries: QSR/Restaurants, CPG, Travel/Hospitality, Retail, B2B, Entertainment, Healthcare, and Financial Services.
Bounteous employs a "co-innovation" approach to guide its client partnerships. This ensures that strategic engagements are deeply collaborative, utilizing the distinctive elements of each client's brand, offerings, and differentiators to construct a sustainable, long-term strategy capable of delivering near-term results.
The agency is technology agnostic, meaning clients can partner with Bounteous while leveraging any assortment of platforms. Additionally, Bounteous can assist clients in selecting and/or implementing new technologies to enable loyalty, engagement, and experience strategies. 
Bounteous' consulting and strategic services include a combination of short-, mid-, and long-term engagements. Services offered include:

  • Loyalty Design and Experience Strategy
  • Data and Analytics Strategy and Implementation
  • Dashboarding and Reporting
  • CRM, Social, and Media Strategy and Execution
  • Creative Assets and Production
  • Marketing Technology Selection, Implementation, and Optimization
Loyalty Strategy and Solutions
For Bounteous, loyalty is an outcome of great experiences with solutions that deepen relationships between customers and brands. Success is measured on both a transactional and emotional level. Bounteous' Customer Loyalty Index (CLI) helps brands measure emotional loyalty and benchmark it over time.
Bounteous' collaborative loyalty process:
  • Aligns stakeholder goals and perspectives
  • Explores opportunities to deepen the relationship with consumers and shift market share
  • Draws from cross-industry inspiration
  • Gathers customer feedback through research methodologies
  • Measures business impact with financial modeling
Furthermore, the process defines the overall strategy, go-to-market approach, and end-to-end customer experience, as well as informs a long-term roadmap for ongoing planning and success.
A holistic approach to the end-to-end customer experience also considers employee engagement strategies and employee perspectives. A brand's employees are frequently interacting with customers to deliver on the program and the brand promise. Bounteous partners with brands to cultivate and activate a knowledgeable, engaged, and excited employee base. The company also specializes in adding gamification elements that can enhance the customer experience. Bounteous custom-creates and/or uses partner tools to meet the needs of clients who desire to add a gamification component to their overall loyalty and customer engagement strategies. 
Bounteous partners with clients to put the tools, technology, measurement, and change management processes in place, as well as develop creative, marketing, and digital experiences that bring loyalty to life and optimize it over time through strategy, execution, and data and analytics services.
The company’s consulting and agency services are best suited to midsize and large brand clients searching for a long-term strategic partner to develop, implement, or optimize their customer loyalty, experience, and engagement strategies.

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