• Bill   Hanifin
    Bill Hanifin  
    Chief Executive Officer
    Hanifin Loyalty LLC
  • Bio

    Bill Hanifin is Managing Director of Hanifin Loyalty, focusing his work at the intersection of data-driven marketing, payment products, and marketing technology. While creativity and innovation are part of what he promises to clients, the highest objective of his work is to transform thought leadership into practical marketing solutions which can be successfully executed to build competitive advantage in the marketplace. In addition to leading Hanifin Loyalty: • Bill is Publisher of the Loyalty Truth blog, a unique source of independent and unbiased insights in customer centric marketing • He is a Founding Member of the Customer Strategy Network, a global alliance of independent CRM and loyalty marketing practitioners • Serves as North American Contributing Editor for The Wise Marketer, a global publication covering the loyalty marketing industry • Is a Member of the Retail Wire Brain Trust