Customer Experience Landscape

Customer experience and customer loyalty, though certainly not new concepts, are undergoing a renaissance. Spurred by the promise of new technologies and the power of customer data, what’s old seems to be new again.


Companies are looking to truly understand their customers and create more one-to-one engagements with them. With the CX Landscape: The State of the Industry report, Loyalty360 has chosen to assess the current and future states of customer experience. By surveying more than 250 brands, the study evaluates the definition and scope of CX, processes, frameworks, challenges, technology adoption, innovations and knowledge gaps.


The Loyalty Landscape study finds that customer experience is in a disjointed and disparate state, with lots of challenges to address, but the opportunity for customer loyalty as the ultimate payoff. Customer experience lacks a unified definition. CX is defined as anything from a single customer interaction, a customer satisfaction score or a well-orchestrated relationship with the customer.


Accountability and alignment across organizations is a common challenge. Disagreement on the definition of CX and lack of coordination across departments leads to a focus on metrics that are easy to track (and often limited to the short-term), but perhaps not meaningful to the overall business. Brands that are setting themselves apart are vested in outcomes and are focusing on complex and long-term metrics, as well as short- and medium-term metrics. These companies have taken a very complex concept and simplified it without diminishing the return.