What are your worst habits? Biting your fingernails? Swearing? Expecting everyone in the business to care as much about Net Promoter Score as you do? 

Confirmit surveyed 700 customer experience professionals and we’ve crunched the numbers to reveal the five habits that underpin the most successful programs. 

Listen to Shelly Chandler, VP, Customer Experience Consulting at Confirmit as she reveals the habits you need to adopt to get your program to fly. She’ll explain:

  • The importance of setting clear goals (expect to hear the phrase “show me the money!”)
  • Why tangible action is better than chasing the metrics
  • How to get everyone behind your program to drive a customer-centric culture
  • Why the phrase “what’s next?” should never be far from your lips in 2019

Sixty-seven percent of CX professionals we surveyed don’t believe their programs are driving innovation. Watch this webinar today to make sure you’re not one of them.


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