Hats off to the stars of this production:

  • Kate Parker as "the poor Marketing Project Manager,"
  • Colleen Cruz as the "project management dashboard user" surrounded by cat figurines.
  • Brian Alfond as the voice-over and originator of the inbox full of funny names of people "demanding to know the status of the projects."
  • Nancy Wilson, owner of the cat figurines without which this would have been another hum-drum corporate vid.

No cats were harmed in the making of this video.  Meow!  :)

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Pandora came as a package deal with my wife when we got married. People love to joke about "watching cat videos" as the epitome of wasting time. Or they don't joke, but express amazement at "how you seem to get sucked in so easily watching cat videos. I am not one of those people that watches cat videos, so you can put me in the camp of people that laugh at cat-video watchers. Anyway, my colleagues on the marketing operations management team wanted to find a fun way to reach....

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