Have you considered that employees are likely the most important investment your organization makes in customer satisfaction? After all, we all know that employee disengagement is expensive and does not help the customer experience.

This week Verint announced the addition of gamification to its customer engagement optimization portfolio. This new enterprise software solution offers yet another way that Verint helps drive customer and employee engagement—offering new ways to potentially improve customer service, social collaboration and training, and employee loyalty.

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in a business setting—in non-gaming contexts—to engage users to solve problems in a more fun, productive way. Game mechanics are applied to help drive employee engagement, communicate goals, measure and acknowledge achievements, inspire collaboration and motivate teams.

This new offering is a logical and natural extension to Verint’s existing portfolio—bringing with it strong synergies across our customer analytics, engagement management, and workforce optimization solutions.

Organizations are looking for ways to better engage and motivate their employees to achieve improved employee performance and loyalty. In turn these engaged employees foster a level of customer engagement that yields more loyal and satisfied customers. In turn, more loyal employees are often motivated to provide better customer service—which can lead to more loyal customers.

With Verint Gamification, you can:

  • Build and sustain employee engagement, which in turn can lead to enhanced sales, customer engagement, and quality.
  • Help employees develop and maintain desired skills, knowledge, and behaviors to achieve organizational performance goals.
  • Transform performance management exercises into an exciting, engaging experience for individuals and teams.
  • Drive performance management through employee engagement and motivation, while helping to augment and enhance performance management.

Verint Gamification offers a variety of themes such as racing or virtual city building to help engage employees. It also offers better ways to foster, track and acknowledge performance improvement and success from an individual, team, group and enterprise perspective. While engaging employees, it also maintains a focus on team building.

Going beyond badges and leaderboards, this scalable, enterprise-class, business-user friendly solution leverages rich game narratives that provide clear calls to action and a renewed focus on accountability toward personal and shared performance metrics, on-the-job mastery, and heightened customer interactions driven by engaged employees.

Additionally, it features personalized and non-competitive leaderboards, raffles, boosters and ad-hoc competitions—and can deliver gamified simulations, quizzes, surveys or polls, along with embedded videos and presentations.


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