The Voice Revolution is here. Welcome to the modern world where custom skills perform pretty much anything – from turning the lights on, to playing soft lullabies, and everything in between.
How do brands truly stand out with smart speaker technology? A tremendous amount of testing and learning is happening in this medium to see what resonates; from providing utility, to instant-ordering and creating memorable experiences – all with the purpose of enhancing life.  
To get started, we believe one sure-fire application to extend your brand, via voice, is quite simple: By storytelling. This is how you can speak to the heart and make your core audience smile.
Brand Storytelling Via Smart Speakers
Go ahead, make them feel the feels. To further boost your brand narrative, take your audience on an auditory adventure with a fully immersive conversation. This will help foster your relationship on a deeper, sensory level … and extend your brand right in the comforts of their home. It’s all about nurturing their natural curiosity.
Did you know: Asking fun questions is the third most popular use for smart speakers, behind listening to music and checking weather, according to Adobe Digital Insights (2018). As creative and strategic marketers, it is our responsibility to explore this wide-open frontier. How do we weave it into the overall brand loyalty journey?
Make it Relevant
First consider your brand goal. Make sure your voice content connects with your other lines of marketing communication. What do you want to accomplish in this medium? Showcase a new product or service? Drive awareness around your social mission? Motivate a specific action or announce a sale? Humanize your brand? How do you want your audience to feel during the voice experience? Curious? Surprised? Impressed? Amused? Excited?
Wild Imagination Rules
There are dozens of ways to delight the listener – and clever gamification is one of the strongest strategies. My favorite voice activation is, surprisingly, the same one as my kids. And for good reason. Simply ask your Smart Speaker to “Open Sesame Street.”
It leans heavily on using your imagination and rewards the child for their listening skills. Elmo’s voice leads you through an empowering, educational journey of sound effects and music.
This skill is successful because not only is it effortless to navigate… it is emotionally satisfying. There is even gentle consideration for little listeners – where there is patience for any possibly-misunderstood feedback. It’s cuteness overload. Served up with so much careful intent, it presents a different heartfelt lesson each time.
Brands can tell their story and keep it fresh with a hybrid of functional information and a delightful dose of entertainment.
If you haven't tapped into the power of voice, do it now. Sprinkle in a little surprise, because the beauty of discovery goes a long way. Brands need to speak up so they can be part of this remarkable shift in daily brand engagement. This special kind of bonding is how we can amplify overall brand loyalty, in a simple yet profound way.   

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