As broadcast and digital channels grow closer together, Big Game advertisers are quickly adapting their campaigns to extend beyond the traditional prime-time television spot. Merkle’s sixth edition of the Digital Bowl Report provides an in-depth assessment of Super Bowl advertisers’ effectiveness in optimizing their campaigns for key digital marketing channels. The report highlights how many advertisers, such as Olay and Stella Artois, nailed their executions on screen and gained consumer attention through digital extensions.

Successful example: Planters took to Twitter as its main digital channel to extend the reach of its hefty investment and execute a smart multi-channel strategy. The brand capitalized on the conversation around the Big Game – meeting both its Twitter followers and all football fans where they would be communicating. Planters leveraged its witty mascot, @MrPeanut, to delight followers with real-time GIFs and thoughtful quips throughout the night. The icing on the cake, however, was the promotional extension that rewarded engagement every time there was a #CrunchTime moment in the game. Whether it was a coin toss, third down, or official play review, Mr. Peanut would announce #CrunchTime on Twitter and reward followers with exciting prizes – from a 14K gold peanut to “$13,000 cash in a can” to a fantasy sports trip in Vegas - for retweeting.

The result: Twitter reported that Planters generated the highest percentage of all brand-related Tweets during the game and awarded the campaign with the top #MVP prize in its #BrandBowl53.

Next year, it will be no surprise to see more brands taking a page out of Planters playbook: leveraging promotions and a solid prizing strategy to create a personal experience and turn anonymous viewers into known brand advocates.

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