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The battle for the customer has never been so fierce in the restaurant industry. Restaurant operators need to differentiate from the pack and win the hearts and minds of their guests. Key to achieving this goal is understanding guest data – from all touchpoints – and leveraging this insight to motivate and reward guest behavior. But is your legacy loyalty system truly differentiated and equipped to keep pace with today’s data intensive, mobile-first world?

Next week, we’re releasing “The Legacy Loyalty System Upgrade Guide,” which explores a wide range of topics including:

  • How to Determine if Your Legacy Solution is Holding You Back
  • Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Legacy Loyalty Vendor
  • What to Look for In Your Loyalty Legacy Upgrade

You can register here to receive the eBook once it’s available, but until then, here’s a quick preview of some of the top signs it’s time to upgrade:

Your solution is a commodity, “copycat” program.

Loyalty programs should be unique to the brand. Settling for a vanilla program that looks and feels like your competitors risks making it indistinguishable in customers’ minds. And a program that doesn’t differentiate your restaurant from its competitors is unlikely to inspire loyalty. Many programs feel like a “copycat” program because their loyalty solution provider is not capable of supporting a more brand aligned set of tactics. When your loyalty solution is capable of supporting a unique set of program tactics, you will be positioned to achieve strong results.

Your outdated technology architecture is unable to keep up with consumer expectations.

All consumer interactions reflect on your brand and guest experience. Look at your app, emails or loyalty sign-up processes. What is it saying about your brand? Does it look like you are stuck in the 90s? Are your guest emails the same (birthday reward, anniversary reward, etc.) as your competitors? Are you sending the same message to all your customers regardless of their past behavior?

A modern, data-driven loyalty solution should allow you to leverage all the attributes and behaviors of your customers and enable you to use this information to personalize and target your communications through email, on your website and through your mobile application. If your members don’t feel like you are communicating with them in a personalized and relevant way, it’s time to make a change.

Your mobile app isn’t keeping up.

There is simply no excuse for delivering poorly designed apps, or worse, mobile app functionality that simply does not work. Consumers can now voice their opinions across channels (social media, comment sections, review sites, etc.) for all your guests to see and judge. If your mobile app does not meet their expectations, it could harm your brand image. Older loyalty systems sometimes embed web pages inside your mobile applications or require separate logins for the consumer to access information. These practices create poor customer experiences and low mobile app approval ratings.

Your loyalty solution should include native integrations for iOS and Android and provide a rich set of Application Programming Interfaces that allow sign up, account management and a full set of engagement features to create a winning mobile app experience.

At Stellar Loyalty, we have built our restaurant loyalty solution on a modern technology architecture with a mobile-best design. We recognize that today’s consumers expect their preferred brands to interact with them using the latest technology advances – with relevant, timely, in-context content that isn’t just like every other loyalty program.  

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