What’s the greatest source of frustration for companies managing complex recognition, incentive, or loyalty programs? Global fulfillment. It's an ongoing challenge to find a reliable provider that can offer a wide selection of meaningful rewards.

Why is this so difficult for companies? The reason is simple: procuring and shipping rewards within any region’s borders is incredibly detailed. When companies add a new reward category or region, this complexity is multiplied several times over.

If you’re looking for a rewards fulfillment company that will consistently deliver the goods, here are ten key considerations.


  1. A consolidated dashboard for seamless reward management.

Reward dashboards consolidate a vast network of suppliers into a single view that shows all of the available rewards across all categories and countries on a global basis. With a dashboard, you’ll be able to filter, activate and edit quickly and easily all of the catalogs you want for your participants based on the country and “reward drivers” for your program.

  1. Automated data management.

It’s frustrating when rewards listed in a catalog are out-of-stock. When it comes to your reward data, your provider should be refreshing their reward files and client catalogs at a minimum on a daily basis to ensure that your listings are always current.

  1. Local relevance.

A global rewards provider should have “in country” capabilities to source rewards locally that will appeal to the residents in that region. In-country fulfillment means faster local delivery while avoiding costly cross-border taxes, duties and delays.

  1. Global currency management.

World events impact the value of local currencies somewhere every day. To ensure that your point values are properly calibrated, you need a provider that automatically adjusts global point values based on fluctuating currency values each and every day. Some reward providers simply use a currency buffer or flat percentage which can negatively impact the value of your members’ points.

  1. Seamless integration.

Your rewards provider should offer a seamless way to integrate with your program and platform, including a quick-connect option. Faster go-to-market solutions should include a tool to automatically create unique, customized reward galleries.

  1. Global support team.

You want a reward provider that can identify order risks before they become an issue. They should have a global support team that can ensure reward data is being updated correctly and handle any local order escalations. Ask providers what SLAs they have in-place to ensure reliability and support in the regions they serve.

  1. Vast selection.

An effective rewards program is all about choice for your members … lots of choice. Your provider should offer a depth of good quality and desirable rewards across a wide variety of reward categories – from merchandise to all manner of virtual rewards such as digital media, event tickets, retail gift cards, online travel, experiences, and mobile top-up.

  1. Daily and weekly “Specials”.

Everyone loves a deal … and yet few providers include deals in their programs. Ask your provider if they offer regular “Specials” or discounted offers which are updated daily. Specials need to include high appeal categories and not simply old, outdated models that no one wants.

  1. Local languages.

What is the language of business in your local market? Whatever it is, your global rewards provider should be able to supply you with goods and services in that language. In countries that have two or more languages, such as Canada and Belgium, they should be able to offer second language catalogs.

  1. Evolving reward selection.

No one wants to choose from the same-old reward items year after year. Your provider should keep things fresh by sourcing the latest and most highly coveted rewards in local markets. For example, global mobile top-up is a hot ticket these days as it lets anyone without a mobile plan instantly add time to a phone.


If the rewards provider you choose can deliver on these ten key points, then the frustration and headaches of unreliable global fulfillment will be someone else’s problem and not yours.

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