How would your customer satisfaction scores increase if you could effectively help customers immediately, regardless of the number of inquiries?  Is this a pipe dream, the promise of bots powered by artificial intelligence or within your reach today? This is possible today. 

What if you had sufficient contact details from your clients so that when they call you could personally greet them by their first name, predict what they are calling about and start an automated personalized conversation with them to answer their query? This is possible by engaging with your customer on an alternate channel that allows for better automation while maintaining personalized, relevant and to the point conversations. Here’s how you can get there:

Single Customer View or Pareto Principle (a.k.a. 80/20 rule)

Single customer view is a holistic perspective of each customer’s unique history, behavior and preferences. To be more efficient from a single customer view perspective, you need real-time access to customer profile information, including their contact and channel preferences. You can also enhance your single customer view by including recent interaction and communication data, to predict the most likely reason a customer is calling.

An alternative approach is to apply the 80/20 rule that says that the majority of your customer service calls will be the same small subset of enquiries. You can start by addressing your three most commonly asked questions and predicting the reason for the call. This will give you the quickest return by dealing with the three most commonly asked questions in a personalized, efficient and automated manner.

When a customer calls in, a real-time omnichannel customer engagement platform will allow you to message the customer on an alternate channel such as chat (e.g. Facebook Messenger), SMS, iMessage, etc. You will again personally greet the customer, predict the most likely reason they are calling in and give them three options for a personalized explanation for their enquiry. Presenting three options increases the chances of the correct prediction. 

Interactive Personalized Video 

Interactive Personalized Video offers deeper engagement with relevant information in the form of audio and/or video. When a customer calls and selects the option they are calling in about, a video engagement platform could compose a personalized video on the fly explaining exactly what the customer wants to know.  It is also possible to personalize video explanations with access to key data used in recent bills, policy documents and proposals to explain relevant parts of customer communications by displaying parts of these communications in the video that are replicas of the customer’s original.

Furthermore, this video experience will allow your customer to interact with the video while it plays, guiding the virtual presenter to show them exactly the information they require. The interaction is truly 2-way, meaning that if your customer was calling to provision a new service that requires additional data or consent from them, then this can be captured within video too.

Immediate feedback, continuous learning & social sharing

The best time to capture customer feedback is immediately after you have resolved one of their customer queries in an interactive and personalized manner without requiring them to wait.  It is possible to capture customer feedback in the messaging app or in the video itself.  You can use negative feedback to improve predicting what future customers are calling in about and for optimizing the flow of your video explanations.  If the feedback is positive and captured in a messaging app like Facebook Messenger then a social recommendation for your brand is only a click away!

Delivering a delightful customer experience is more important than ever for organizations wanting to stay competitive. Effective customer engagement is the cornerstone to growing your revenue by improving customer retention, customer satisfaction and increasing cross-selling. Find out more about how can enable you to delight your customers with omnichannel customer service, reduce call hold times and save on your call center costs.

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