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I’m one of those people who loves to organize around the house, and with two toddlers to keep me on my toes, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the clutter that can accumulate over time. The same is true for loyalty programs, and adopting a ‘spring cleaning’ mindset can be a great way to understand how optimized your program is, then dust things off and make way for a new season.

After all, loyalty programs tend to gather clutter too if the proper attention isn’t given. While a spring cleaning may not always entail a full overhaul, there may be some signs your loyalty program is due for a refresh. Read on for some of our best tips.

The Closet Purge

Ready to tackle those closets? Let’s take a hard look at your catalog or rewards and decide what stays and what goes. And as any organizational expert would tell you, be ruthless! Go through your data and get rid of any rewards that are not performing well so you can replace them with fresh options.

Not sure what your members are interested in this season? Ask them! A customized survey is an effective way to learn what they want, what they don’t, and whether the rewards you’re offering are still exciting. The bonus? It will re-engage members and get them personally invested in the program.

At any rate, a refreshed closet of goods ensures your members continually have something new to look forward to.

Organize Your Pantry

If you’re running out of ways to spice things up in your program, bring in partners who can add a pinch of this or a dash of that to your loyalty lineup. New brand partnerships breathe excitement into your program. In fact, of those surveyed in HelloWorld’s Loyalty Barometer Report, 70% said that they like the idea of their loyalty program partnering with other brands to increase ways to earn. Finding like-minded brands to partner with adds more value to members. Many CPG loyalty programs often find partnerships with retailers to be beneficial, as the retailer store gains preference with their loyalty members, while the CPG brand can gain valuable real estate in stores for promotions.

Whomever you partner with, an important rule of thumb is to choose partners that fit your consumers’ lifestyle so they see immediate value in staying engaged, all while bringing new flavors to your loyalty program.

Implement Drawer Organizers

As a regular part of your program maintenance, look at your membership base and divide and sort through high-engagers versus those who haven’t checked in on your program in a while. If you’ve been tending to your CRM strategy, you’ll find it easy to segment communications to users based on their last date of activity. For CPG loyalty programs, you also want to factor average purchase cycles into this mix to ensure you’re reaching out to members at the right time.

The right email messaging can bring users back from the brink with special promotions or offers to encourage them to come back and realize the valuable perks of your program. And on that note…

Making Room for Fun

Now that you’ve done the hard work behind the scenes to get things in order, remember to build in exciting reasons for members to engage. An occasional promotional overlay, such as a prize drawing or instant win game, can serve as fun pulse points. It also encourages retention for members who haven’t been back to your site in a while. Our eBook on Promotional Tactics to Boost Your Loyalty Program dives into a few ways to do this with some great ideas on ways to add these overlays to your program.
As you go through the house this spring with an eagle eye on optimizing and organizing, consider how to apply these same concepts to your loyalty program. You may be amazed at what’s ahead next season!

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Kaitlyn Mitchell is Director of Loyalty at HelloWorld, a digital marketing services company with a unique approach to consumer engagement.

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