Inspired by the madness of NCAA basketball, the “Ultimate Prizing Bracket” pits popular incentives offered by brands as part of their sweepstakes and loyalty strategies against each other to determine the most desirable prize. Starting with the “Sweet 16 of Prizes”, each round’s head-to-head match-ups are bucketed in one of four major categories – Shopping, Travel, Electronics, and Entertainment – with results determined by a survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers about their incentive preferences (all prizes have a value cap of $500 to level the playing field).
Similar to the NCAA Tournament, some match-ups were close, some were blowouts, and one Cinderella incentive even emerged during the competition. Let’s take a look at round-by-round results, with insight into each incentive’s key to victory. In many match-ups, a specific demographic group was the driving force that determined the outcome.
Who will be crowned The Ultimate Prize Champion
The Shopping Category featured four types of $500 shopping sprees.

  • Grocery Shopping Spree (63%) BEATS Clothing Shopping Spree (37%): This match-up was not only a dominant upset, it was also a bit of a shock – revealing the tournament’s Cinderella team. While 18-29 year olds were split 50/50, over 68% of consumers 30+ chose the practicality of groceries.
  • Sporting Goods Shopping Spree (61%) BEATS Beauty Shopping Spree (39%): While a strong majority of females chose Beauty (62%) over Sporting Goods (38%), it wasn’t enough to overcome 86% of male respondents picking Sporting Goods.
First round match-ups in the Travel Category revealed that while digital upstarts might be getting all the press, traditional travel prizes are overwhelmingly preferred by consumers.
  • 2 Roundtrip Airline Tickets (85%) BEATS $500 Uber or Lyft Gift Card (15%): Young and old alike overwhelmingly chose to take flight as 83% of 18-29 year olds and 87% of 60+ voted for Roundtrip Airline Tickets.
  • Major Hotel Chain (79%) BEATS Airbnb (21%): In the battle of where would you rather stay while away, young and old alike chose Major Hotel Chain over category upstart Airbnb with 73% of 18-29 year olds and 85% of 60+ voting for Major Hotel Chain as their top prize.
In the Electronics Category, both “Smart” prizes advanced to the next round:
  • 55” Smart TV (67%) BEATS Gaming System (33%): Age played a major role in this category with 18-29 year olds slightly favoring gaming system (52%) but each successive older age group more and more overwhelmingly picked long-time category favorite Smart TV (58% of 30-44 year olds, 77% of 45-60 year olds and 86% of 60+).
  • Smartphone (52%) BEATS Tablet (48%): In this close first-round match-up, age again played a major factor with 60% of 18-29 propelling Smartphone to victory with all age groups split nearly 50/50.
The Entertainment Category featured both the biggest blowout and our closest first round outcome.
  • $500 Restaurant Gift Card (83%) BEATS $500 Movie Theater Gift Card (17%): In this classic “Dinner and a Movie” night out match-up, consumers overwhelmingly picked Dinner over a Movie across all gender, age and income. This one wasn’t even close.
  • $500 in Concert Tickets (50.2%) BEATS $500 in Theater Tickets (49.8%): By the narrowest of margins, Concert Tickets advances as females’ slight preference for the Theater (53.1%) was enough to overcome males’ slight preference for Movies (52.8%).
The Elite 8 featured three blowouts including the continued success of the tournament’s Cinderella prize…
  • Grocery Shopping Spree (75%) BEATS Sporting Goods Shopping Spree (25%): While females (86%) overwhelmingly picked Grocery, Males 63% also strongly favored the supermarket over Sports, propelling this pragmatic prize into the Final Four.
  • 2 Roundtrip Airline Tickets (70%) BEATS Major Hotel Chain (30%): In the battle of “Fly There” or “Stay There”, all demographics strongly favored flying, including 77% of consumers with household incomes $75K+.
  • 55” Smart TV (53%) BEATS Smartphone (47%): In this close battle of smart devices, only 18-29 year olds slightly favored Smartphone (51%) as all other age groups preferred Smart TV (53% of 30-44 year olds, 56% of 45-60 year olds and 56% of 60+).
  • $500 Restaurant Gift Card (78%) BEATS $500 in Concert Tickets (22%): Concert Tickets fared much worse than Movie Tickets as both Males (81%) and Females (76%) overwhelmingly picked Restaurant.
Household Income proved to be the determining factor in both Final 4 matchups…
  • 2 Roundtrip Airline Tickets (55%) BEATS Grocery Shopping Spree (45%): The Cinderella Grocery Shopping Spree gave Airline Tickets its toughest tournament challenge. While 52% of consumers with HH incomes under $75K chose Grocery, it wasn’t enough to overcome the 64% of consumers with HH incomes $75K+ who chose Airline Tickets.
  • 55” Smart TV (54%) BEATS $500 Restaurant Gift Card (46%): Consumers with HH incomes under $75K had the final say in this matchup as 58% chose Smart TV – more than enough to beat out the preference of 54% of consumers with HH incomes $75K+ favoring Restaurant.
2 Roundtrip Airline Tickets (68%) BEATS 55” Smart TV (32%): In the end, the excitement of travel won out over the comfort of the couch, with Airline Tickets dominating across all demographics as the top prize.
  • Gender: 78% of Men and 74% of Woman
  • Household Income: 63% with HH income under $75K and 77% with HH income over 77%.
  • Age: 73% of 18-29 year olds, 71% of 30-44 year olds, 64% of 45-60 year olds and 65% of 60+.
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