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Airlines have long been leaders and experts at cultivating dynamic, trend-setting loyalty programs.
Their treasure trove of information allows marketers to engage with travelers in a meaningful way.

What airlines get right about loyalty is creating an experience for members that’s different from non-members – priority boarding, private lounges and free flights make customers feel valued. However, airlines can learn from other industries that rewarding for interactions beyond miles through social engagement, mobile, and surveys allows brands to gather more data to create truly personalized offers and communications.

From its programs, Aimia sees customers who are engaged beyond transactions with a brand spend 250%+ more. Customers receiving individualized offers interact 300%+ more than customers who don’t and they spend 4x+ more. Client programs incorporating personalization are seeing 7x+ ROI on their loyalty efforts.

Increasing customer engagement and collecting data through a dynamic loyalty program breaks down silos across engagement channels to eliminate the problem of multiple profiles of the same user, and build a cohesive profile attributed to one person – what we call the Golden Profile.

A complete picture of your traveler means mountains of data, from which airlines can create communications that show the brand knows, understands and listens to their customers’ needs. Do you know the percentage of fliers who will be dropping their kids off for their first day of college in different cities? A message of good wishes goes a long way to building trust and emotional attachment. Not to mention the opportunity to provide preferred rates or better seat assignments on early booking or on multiple bookings.

Then, with the right team of strategists, communications and analysts, brands can monitor the real-time performance of its loyalty program across KPIs, adjusting the program or communications when necessary to impact fliers the most.

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