Some reward companies pride themselves on the size of their warehouses and ability to ship merchandise to a variety of destinations worldwide. But why have thousands of items gathering dust in a large GRS Global Fulfilmentwarehouse when it’s possible to procure and deliver rewards far more efficiently within each country?

The logic of warehousing might make sense on the surface, but in reality the challenges of global delivery from a central warehouse are enormous. Warehousing comes with a high price tag that eventually hits the clients and the points accounts of their members. Even something as simple as shipping the right electrical plug isn’t easy because there are ten unique electrical plug types, six currencies and two different frequencies with hundreds of permutations around the world.


Just-in-time inventory in the global reward space

In-country sourcing and delivery is the alternative — but few reward management companies are capable of offering a large and reliable network of local rewards on a global basis.

Global Reward Solutions is one of the few companies in the world with comprehensive local and global fulfillment capabilities. As the world’s leading cloud-based reward management platform for recognition, loyalty and sales incentive programs, we provide in-country sourcing and delivery in 87 countries. This includes countries located in North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, UK, European Union, Middle East, Africa, India, Asia Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand.

Jim Maga, VP Global Sales, Global Reward Solutions explains, “In each country, we work with local suppliers who operate at the highest standards and they update their listings within our system on a daily basis. Working locally also means we can source far more listings in each country while eliminating all of the added shipping, taxes and duties – which can often cost far more than the original price of the reward item itself.”

“By sourcing locally, we ensure that we can ship relevant product to program participants right from within their own country. Essentially, Global Reward Solutions is practising just-in-time inventory in every country within the reward space on a global basis.”


Benefits of in-country procurement

Global Reward Solutions has spent years building up a vast network of 365 proven supplier relationships in local markets around the globe. There are a number of benefits to in-country procurement and shipping including:

Speed-to-market: Speed is the new currency and Global Reward Solutions delivers within two to three days in many markets globally.

Local: Buy goods in local currencies, in the recipient’s language with recognizable brand names and valid warranties.

Hassle free: When it’s delivered in-country, you know that the right plug type will always be shipped.

Savings: Avoid costly cross-border shipping, taxes, duties and delays. Delivering locally is also greener with less impact on the environment than shipping from a warehouse overseas.

Global Reward Solutions also has regional Tier 2 customer service teams whose job it is to ensure everything goes smoothly. You certainly can’t fix a problem unless you can speak the language.


Customized rewards with local appeal

Your program participants will appreciate receiving rewards that are only available locally; items that are highly desirable in their specific markets. The countries themselves also appreciate when global reward providers source locally and benefit their economies.

Some good examples of items with regional appeal include goats in Bangladesh, Saris in India, fresh fish in South America, biodegradable sky lanterns for Chinese lantern festivals, oriental fragrances such as Amouage and Abdul Samad Al Qurashi which are made in the Middle East, Fisher & Paykel appliances in Australia, hand-knit Alpaca sweaters and mitts in Bolivia, and FIFA World Cup soccer balls anywhere that soccer is played … which is everywhere!

Global Reward Solutions delivers the coolest stuff anywhere on the planet. Beyond our in-country fulfillment capabilities, we also provide access to millions of rewards including merchandise, retail gift cards, flights and vacations, digital music, movies, games and books, Mobile Top-up, event tickets, experiences and more.

“The days of global fulfillment from a single warehouse are over,” added Jim Maga. “Our Global Reward Solutions technology now makes it far more efficient and cost-effective to deliver more reward selection, value and service to program participants around the globe, which improves program participation rates and results for the companies that work with us.”


Jim Maga is VP Global Sales for Global Reward Solutions, the world’s leading cloud-based reward management platform addressing the local and global needs of point-based and e-commerce solution providers. Global Reward Solutions cost-effectively eliminates the complexities of rewards procurement and global fulfillment while delivering the coolest stuff anywhere on the planet.

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