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Retailers are optimizing the omnichannel approach to loyalty by investing in new strategies and technologies to reach customers wherever they are, cutting through the noise of a cluttered space with messages and experiences that are relevant and compelling. Retailers recognize that they need to make the shopping, engagement, and redemption processes as seamless as possible and provide the level of personalized experiences that help form an emotional connection.

CrowdTwist customer Steve Madden recently launched their first loyalty program SM PASS, a cutting-edge loyalty program that employs advanced technologies and customer engagement strategies to reach and connect with their customers everywhere. Even in its infancy, the app is already proving to be a disruptor in the retail industry – SM PASS was just awarded silver for Customer Engagement Strategies in the 2018 Retail Touchpoints Customer Engagement Awards. Here are some reasons the program has drawn acclaim.

Seamless shopping experience

Consumers expect a consistent, seamless, and integrated experience across all retail touch points. The SM PASS program features unique POS integration capabilities that enable customers to seamlessly participate in the loyalty program wherever they engage with the Steve Madden brand; in-store, online or on the Steve Madden App. SM PASS is especially relevant to Steve Madden’s mobile obsessed core customer, and incentivizes users to both download the app and shop on the go. By integrating all retail channels this creates a uniform customer centric experience across all channels. A seamless shopping experience can help increase in-store traffic, drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Rewards for engagement and spend

SM PASS points are the currency used to unlock exclusive member rewards, including $ off discounts, access to Steve Madden events, and custom/hand-made rewards. The program awards 5 points for every dollar spent at Steve Madden stores, Steve Madden outlets, or at SteveMadden.com. Purchases made via the app earn a member extra points. In addition, SM PASS enables customers to earn points on styles that were previously excluded from promotional campaigns. Members can also earn points for completing engagement activities such as sharing their birthday and gender, connecting their social accounts, downloading the app, referring friends, writing product reviews and completing surveys around personal style.

Personalized email communications and promotions

Steve Madden’s CRM is fully integrated with the loyalty platform, which allows for some of the most comprehensive and personalized email strategy in the retail loyalty space. Gender, style preferences, real time loyalty status/points balances/rewards availability all feed in to exciting, targeted, and relevant email marketing communications. Steve Madden executes storewide points promotions to drive members to the store, and surprises SM PASS members with targeted bonus point campaigns, powered by email personalization and geo-targeting.

Leveraging customer insight

Even though the program is new to the market, Steve Madden is already leveraging data to identify opportunity customer groups, and building activation strategies to get them over certain reward thresholds and encourage further engagement. As more members join and the data set grows, SM PASS will allow Steve Madden to unlock deeper insights into who their customers are, and how they engage across all brand touchpoints. Access to this customer insight will help drive the marketing strategies of the brand as they evolve the SM PASS program.

Unique omnichannel redemption process

SM PASS has taken bonus campaigning to the next level in order to improve customer engagement and help their members achieve key loyalty milestones.  Steve Madden has the flexibility to run channel-based, product-based, time-based, and store-based purchase campaigns in addition to regular activity based campaigns at will. When the member finally earns that last point that allows them to redeem a dollar-off reward, SM PASS’s unique redemption process allows members to redeem their points wherever is most convenient: at home before visiting the store, online or on the mobile app, even at the register while checking out in-store. Regardless of their preferred channel, members can build an on-demand rewards wallet that can be used wherever and whenever they purchase Steve Madden. This level of convenience makes the loyalty program even easier to participate in and helps transfer rewards to members as seamlessly as possible.

Check out the SM PASS promo video here.

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